All In One Social Media App: What Makes CoSchedule the Best?

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Why CoSchedule Is The Best All-In-One Social Media App On The Market 82

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Why CoSchedule Is The Best All-In-One Social Media App On The Market

Managing your social media is…

…well, it isn’t easy.

At first it seems like it should take way less time than a blog or email…

But it actually is a MAJOR time suck.

First, you have to plan out all your posts

Which includes spending time trying to pinpoint the BEST time to publish your content based on your audience…

…while still making sure you don’t have any gaps in your schedule.

Next, you spend a large amount of time creating + curating your social media content…

…only for it to drop into social media oblivion (a.k.a the very bottom of a newsfeed)…

…just hours or even minutes after it’s posted.

*insert tiny sobs here*

tiny sobs.gif


This doesn’t even take into consideration all the social networks (and every associated username and password) you have to manage in that packed spreadsheet of yours.

And to make matters worse…

After you’ve already spent all that time creating and posting your content

…taking any extra time (if you have any) to measure the effectiveness + reach of your social media feels SUPER tedious.

And very un-fun.

Because your marketing plan is more than just social media.

You actually have about 1,000 other things (like blog posts and emails) that you *should* really be working on.

Basically what I am saying is…

…planning, executing, and measuring your social media is time-consuming (and practically impossible) without the right tool.

And let’s be real…trying to do all of that stuff (again and again) by yourself is going to cause a MAJOR burnout.

Because you can’t always be strapped to a computer…

…you’ve gotta life to live, you know?!

But luckily, with CoSchedule, you can:

  • Plan all your social media content in ONE place. Create standalone social campaigns (or easily add one to a piece of content), fill gaps in your calendar, and quickly reschedule a message or social campaign without jumping from screen to screen.
  • Simplify your content creation + execution process. Save time by creating templates and social helpers, quickly share awesome content from the web, and publish at the best time (every time) with Best Time Scheduling. Plus, put you can even put your social on autopilot with ReQueue!
  • See what works (and what doesn’t) with your Social Engagement Report. Easily spot trends + make the right adjustments using results from each of your social networks, social accounts, and view your top performing messages.

Essentially, CoSchedule makes your social media strategy A LOT easier to manage.

Which means you’re going have extra time to tackle the rest of your marketing strategy.

And that’s pretty sweet.


Plan All Your Social Media Content In ONE Place

Remember that massive spreadsheet you have?

You know…the one filled with the tabs of all your social messages that you use to try and keep your content organized?


Oh, and the million bookmarked pages you have at the top of your browser with all your social networks and apps…

…because you constantly have to jump from screen to screen to get everything scheduled…

*double ugh*

But with CoSchedule, you can easily plan all your social media content in ONE place.

Create standalone social campaigns (or easily add one to a piece of content)…

…fill gaps in your calendar, and quickly reschedule a message or social campaign…

without jumping from screen to screen.

Say “ta-ta” to your spreadsheet, and “sayonara” to your all your bookmarks…

…because you’re on your way to a much simpler planning process.


How To Create A Standalone Social Campaign

To start leveraging your calendar (and making your life a lot easier), let’s start with the basics: creating a standalone social campaign.

So to get started, head to your master calendar view.

Click the + sign in the upper right hand corner of the screen (or within a specific date on your calendar) to access all your content types.

Then, select Social Campaign. From there, give your campaign a title, a label, assign an owner, and select the start date.


Now you can start building your ENTIRE social campaign.

Simply add the link you want to promote, and plan messages for all of your social networks.


Yep, it’s THAT easy.

How to Add a Social Campaign To Promote A Piece of Content

And if you thought creating a standalone piece of content was easy…

…then adding one to that awesome blog post you wrote last week is going to be a snap.

Simply find the piece of content you want to promote, scroll down to the section within your editor called Social Campaign, and start adding your social messages.


And just like that, you’ve easily created your social campaign to promote your piece of content…

...without jumping from screen to screen.

See All Your Social In One Place

So once you’ve created all your social campaigns…

…now you can actually SEE all of your messages on the calendar.

Every. Single. One.

See all your social messages on one calendar

And if you see any gaps in your calendar, it’s easy to drag + drop any social message (or even an ENTIRE social campaign) to fill your schedule.


This also means if you need to reschedule anything…

…you can do it right from your master view.

*fist pump*

Which means with CoSchedule, you have complete control of your social media planning + scheduling process…

So instead of checking all your networks 20 times a day…

Or trying to track every message in a cluttered spreadsheet…

…it’s easy to see all your social messages…

in ONE place.

And that’s going to feel pretty amazing.



Simplify Your Content Creation + Execution Process

Effectively creating social media messages is COMPLICATED.

Not only do you have to actually write engaging, relevant + meaningful content…

…but you ALSO have to optimize them for each social network.


Which means you have to create MULTIPLE versions of the SAME message…

…and that takes up a lot of your [limited] time.

The worst part?

Those things sink to the bottom of a newsfeed faster than you can say “Twitter.”


But with CoSchedule, you can easily simplify your content creation + execution process.

Save time by creating templates and social helpers, quickly share awesome content from the web, and publish at the best time (every time) with Best Time Scheduling.

Plus, put you can even put your social on autopilot with ReQueue. (Which means no more wasted effort even if your message expires…read on for more info later).

Basically, this puts A TON of time back on your calendar…

…which is definitely something to get excited about.


Save Time With Social Templates + Helpers

The first step in simplifying your social media strategy is to create some super handy social templates and social helpers.

Seriously, they are going to make putting together a social campaign easy as pie (with just a few easy steps).

So, let’s dive right in.

How To Create A Social Template:

  • Open a piece of content
  • Select the social template icon within the Social Campaign section
  • Select + New Template and give your template a name
  • Customize it to incorporate any of your social profiles
  • Build a schedule that shares your content for days, weeks or even MONTHS

For a more detailed how-to, check out our Social Templates Help Doc :)


Basically, social templates are helpful because they save you SO MUCH TIME.

For instance, the next time you need to promote a similar piece of content (or run a similar standalone social campaign), you already have everything planned out within a custom social template…

…which means the only thing you have to do is fill it up with some sweet text, images, videos, or links.

But wait.

^^That’s also pretty hard.

Luckily, that’s where social helpers come into play.

How To Create A Social Helper:

  • Head into any social campaign
  • Select the social helper icon, and click +New Helper
  • From here, you can create standard social helpers (synced from WordPress) or custom text helpers, image helpers, or even video helpers

Need a more detailed run-down? Head to our Social Helpers Help Doc :)


And while it does take a little bit of time to create all your social templates and helpers…

…they will end up saving you so much time in the long run when it comes to content creation.

And having all that time back on your calendar?

Well, it’s going to feel a lot like this:


Share Content From Anywhere On The Web

There is a TON of amazing content out there…

^^the internet is awesome, am I right???

And if you’re planning a killer social media strategy, you’re definitely going to want to include some curated content in your plan.


Because that means you don’t have to dream up every single post (cuz that would be brutal).

BUT still provide your followers with engaging + helpful content.

*whoop whoop*

And while finding the content is easy…

…actually adding it to your schedule to share with your followers…

not as easy.

But luckily, with the CoSchedule Chrome Extension, you can easily schedule and share content from ANYWHERE on the web!

*fist pump*

So, to add the Chrome Extension, just head to your Chrome Store, type in “CoSchedule” and complete the installation process.

(Believe me when I say, you’re going to thank yourself later…)

CoSchedule Chrome extension


Now all you have to do is find the content you want to share, and then you can quickly add it to your calendar (and actually see it with the rest of your planned social media messages).




[Save Time] With Best Time Scheduling

So now that you’ve got all the easiest (and best) ways to create and curate your social content…

…you still have to figure out when to post it.


And that’s where CoSchedule is here to help, thanks to Best Time Scheduling.

With Best Time Scheduling you get the most engagement from your social messages every time, without all the manual busywork (and guesswork).

Where’d the data come from you ask?

Here at CoSchedule, we actually did all the research for you, and took the time to compile best practices from HUNDREDS of the world’s best marketers.

We analyzed the rules / strategies of every social platform, evaluated our own methods, and tested out the “perfect” times to post.

Basically, Best Time Scheduling is going to make it SO MUCH easier to schedule your messages (the right way).

So to use Best Time Scheduling, simply create your social message and choose the “Best Time” option located in the social queue dropdown.


And you guessed it, you can also use Best Time Scheduling from your CoSchedule Chrome Extension.


Moral of the story: spend less time figuring out the RIGHT time to post…

…and spend more time creating your awesome content with a little help from Best Time Scheduling.


really happy.gif

Automate Your Social Media With ReQueue

So now that you are 1000 steps closer to being the most amazing social media marketer ever….

…let’s talk about stepping away from your desk every once in awhile.

*cue gasp*

Yep, I said it.

And you know what, I’m not sorry.

Because guess what?

You can’t always be strapped to your desk to push a social message…

…and you also can’t fill your calendar up with messages (at the most optimum times) without working yourself to the bone.

Because you’ve got a family…a life…a dog…a hobby…or frankly, just other work to do.

Whatever the reason is, you need a break from managing your social every once in awhile.

That’s why we created ReQueue: the most intelligent way to automate your social media.

*cue second gasp*

How Does ReQueue Work?

Basically, ReQueue automatically re-shares your best content (including any new or curated content) at the BEST times possible AND fills in any gaps in your schedule.

It’s ‘set it and forget it’ on steroids.


So to get started, head to your ReQueue dashboard. (Which is easily accessible from your menu on the left side of your calendar).

Then all you have to do is create a ReQueue group, add any messages associated with that content into your group, and then let CoSchedule take care of the rest.


You can even create custom groups to promote a major event, special contest, podcast series, key landing pages, OR any social campaign you want.

Basically, it’s as customizable and as “hands-off” as you want.

Get your time back with ReQueue…

…so you can either spend it working on the rest of your marketing strategy…

…or actually take a vacation this year.


See What Works (And What Doesn’t) With Your Social Engagement Report

So now that you’ve mastered your content planning, creation, and even scheduling your content…

…the big question is, how do you measure it?

Because if improvements need to be made…

…how do you know?

I mean if you have awesome messages (that should definitely be put in ReQueue, by the way), how can you tell without tracking the performance of EVERY SINGLE ONE?

Because no one’s got time for that.

But with CoSchedule, you get a nice lil’ feature that collects all the data around your social media messages…

…and puts it in your very own Social Engagement Report.


With this report, you can easily spot trends + make the right adjustments using results from each of your social networks, social accounts, and even view your top performing messages.

(If you’re inner data nerd is wiggin’ out, we feel you.)


So, to access your report, head to your Analytics page and select Social Engagement Report.

From here, you can set a custom date range, and then dive into your results.


And because useful data is AWESOME, let’s do a quick breakdown of why each section of the report matters to you.

Overall Engagement

Here you will see the amount of engagement all of your messages received, broken out by the day they were posted.


So within the graph, the gray bar is how many messages you published on a given day, the solid line is the number of engagements all those posts received, and the dotted line is your engagement rate (which is the total amount of engagements divided by the number of messages).

Want to breakdown your results EVEN MORE?

Simply use the tabs at the top of the graph to view the engagement of each of your social networks.

That way, it’s easy to see which networks you’re crushing, and which networks need a little more attention.

Network Performance

In this section of the Social Engagement Report, you see the type of engagements each network received (ex. likes vs. comments).

For instance, with Facebook, you see the amount of likes, comments, and shares. But with Pinterest, you see the number of likes, comments, and re-pins.

Social shares and engagement stats on a piece of content

This breakdown is helpful because it gives you insight into how your followers’ behavior varies across networks…

…which makes it easier to create tailored messages for each network (especially when you’re looking for a specific type of engagement to take place).

Account Performance

Now this section shows the performance of every social account within ALL your social networks (based on overall shares, likes and comments).

See all your social media performance data in one place

This view is helpful because you can see which accounts are the most successful (or in other words, you are crushin’ it with those) and which accounts need a little elbow grease.


Top Messages

This section of the report makes it SUPER easy + convenient to see which of your social messages are your top performers.


Quickly view your overall top (6, 10 or 20) messages, or easily break it down by social network.

The ability to see your top messages is super helpful, because now you can see which messages actually work…

…so you can use those as a template when you create any future messages.


Basically you’re going to be a message wizard in no time.

Couple that with the rest of your Social Engagement Report…

…and you have all the insights you need for your next social media campaign.

And I have a feeling, you’re gonna crush it.

you got this.gif

Here at CoSchedule, we like to say “plan your work, then work your plan.”


Because our theory is that if you have taken the time to create an AMAZING (and strategic) plan…

…then all you have to do is work it, and you WILL see the results you want.

But there is a catch.

While your plan can be amazing, and you can work as hard as you can to get everything done…

….there are only 24 hours in a day.

Which means you need the right partner (so you can be as efficient + effective as possible).

And as the best all-in-one app for planning, execution, and measuring your social media strategy…

…well, CoSchedule’s got your back.

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