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Melissa King

Melissa King is a freelance writer who helps B2B SaaS companies spread the word about their products through engaging content. She has six years of full-time professional writing experience. Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and French from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She graduated in 2014 with a 4.0 GPA. After college, Melissa immediately started doing freelance writing for video game websites and transferred those skills to content marketing in 2017. She writes short-form and long-form blog posts about marketing and other topics for B2B SaaS companies and agencies. Melissa has written for companies such asCoSchedule, Databox, Zapier, and WordPress. She is a regular contributor to the CoSchedule blog where she writes content that teaches marketing professionals how to get results. Melissa has written about a variety of topics while doing her freelance work. For CoSchedule, she has written content about marketing plans, target audience, social media, content writing, content planning, and copywriting. For WordPress, she has written content about website creation, newsletters, blog post writing, and content creation. She has also been a social media editor for Unwinnable for six years. She manages their social media presence and contributes to the website and monthly magazine. From 2017-2020, she was an associate lead copywriter for WebFX. Outside of the content marketing world, she sometimes writes about video games. Melissa King has been trusted by many reputable companies to create content for them. She has knowledge in a variety of aspects for marketing. Along with that, her excellent ability to write has given her great success as a freelancer.
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Discover The Top 33 Marketing Management Software Solutions For Your Business

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Melissa King
Melissa King
August 8, 2023