86 Awesome Free Marketing Templates To Make Your Life Easier

86 Awesome Free Marketing Templates to Make Your Life Easier We publish tons of content full of downloadable marketing templates to complete all kinds of tasks. However, you may not have time to read EVERY blog post we publish. So, we rounded up a total of 86 of 'em from 37 individual blog posts into one giant bundle that you can download. We made sure to include a wide variety, so there's something here for everyone, whether you're a content strategist, social media marketer, email specialist, or in another marketing role. Here are some examples of what you'll find:
  • Calendar templates. Plan content you'll publish ahead of time and never miss a deadline again.
  • Strategy documents. Plan your work, then work your plan with documented marketing strategies.
  • Reports. Prove your work is generating real results.
  • And much more. Seriously, if you're a marketer, there's a template you can use.
Plus, we've rounded up quick links to the source where we originally published each template. That way, it's easy to find more detailed info on how to put each template to use. Grab your free templates now, then read on to get educated on tons of different marketing strategies and tactics!

86 Awesome Free Marketing Templates To Make Your Life Easier

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But First, Check Out These Templates in CoSchedule

We may be biased, but we honestly feel CoSchedule is the best all-in-one platform to manage all things marketing. You might have known that's what we're all about. But, did you know has some slick templates built right into our platform? Not only that, but using an app like CoSchedule can make executing your marketing strategy even faster and easier than using these free templates. They're top-notch resources, but Office docs and spreadsheets can't always go toe-to-toe with purpose-built software. Here's a handful of things you can do with CoSchedule:
  • See everything your marketing team is working on with one marketing calendar. It's your single version of truth for who's doing what at all times.
  • Manage complex campaigns with Marketing Campaigns. This makes life easier for project managers and editors, tracking and managing multiple projects and team members at once.
  • Use of our growing list of integrations (including WordPress, the most popular social media channels, Evernote, and more) to organize and automate content publishing.
  • Use Task Templates to make sure every project gets completed the right way, every time. Get it done right the first time, every time with these reusable checklists.
  • Social Templates make scheduling social media marketing campaigns fast and easy. Recreate social campaigns with easy customizable social scheduling templates.
And that's just barely scratching the surface. From workflow management, to content publishing, to built-in analytics and beyond, if it's marketing, you can manage it with CoSchedule. If you'd rather watch than read, check out this video for a glimpse into how you can manage your marketing process in CoSchedule, from planning to execution to measurement and beyond:   And if you'd rather try it yourself, create your free marketing calendar!

1) Streamline Your Blog Writing Process With This Checklist

How to Write Amazing Posts With This Awesome Blog Writing Checklist Is your team continually missing a step or two when it comes to creating blog posts? Does it cause you to delay their publish date? This easy to use blog writing checklist will make those missteps a thing of the past. This checklist will guide everyone on your marketing team, from your content writers to SEO strategists from start to finish, ensuring that you publish perfect content on time, every time.
  • Guide your content team to write blog posts that are keyword heavy and generate strong SEO rankings.
  • Makes sure your team doesn’t miss a step in th
  • e content creation process which prevents errors.
  • How to write content that your audience will actually read and engage with.

2) Create Evergreen Content That Drives Tons of Traffic for the Long Haul

Seasonal content and trending topics are great for driving short-term traffic. But, it’s important not to neglect evergreen cornerstone content that always relevant and keeps your audience coming back. With our evergreen content kit, you’ll be able to easily create content that’s always topically relevant all year long.. Here’s exactly what you’ll be able to accomplish:
  • Create evergreen content that drives traffic and conversions for months (or even years).
  • Repurpose that evergreen content to get maximum mileage from a single piece.
  • Generate, organize and grade your evergreen content ideas so you’ll always have stuff to create.

3) Succeed at Content Marketing on a Limited Budget

Content marketing takes a lot of time, money, and effort. When you’re working on a limited budget of all three, it seems impossible to do correctly. Especially if you’re taking on big competitors. Our content marketing template bundle will give you the spreadsheets, best practices and actionable tips to get the most from your efforts without spending a lot of money. You’ll be able to go toe-to-toe against better-financed competition without having to spend a fortune on an expensive tool stack. With the eight templates in this bundle, you’ll be able to:
  • Prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed by competitors by creating a strategy that focuses on the most effective marketing projects for your team.
  • Choose and use the right tools to get more mileage out of your limited resources.
  • Continually grow your marketing process to begin to go toe to toe with bigger competitors.

4) Create Calls To Action That Actually Work

Strong CTAs are essential for getting your audience to take action after taking in your content. This call-to-action template will walk you through how to create powerful CTA’s that increase your conversion rate (and ultimately raise your revenue). You’ll learn:
  • How to get your audience to do more for your brand than just feel warm fuzzies about it.
  • How to test and tweak your CTA’s to drive more conversions.
  • How to use the 54 proven words and phrases in your CTA to connect with your audience.

5) Create An Actionable Content Strategy In Just 14 Steps

Your organization is looking to your marketing team to come up with content that is appealing, ranks well, and most importantly drive results. If your team doesn’t have a strategy, those tasks can become overwhelming fast. The content strategy kit will walk you through how to break down the silos your team may experience to create a more cohesive workflow that allows you to publish content faster. Find these templates in your bundle to:
  • Plan which content you’ll create and organize your ideas.
  • Grade your content and track what your audience interacts with to help spot trends.
  • Create a content strategy that is inspired by your audience and industry best practices.

6) Stop Writer’s Block In It’s Tracks With 200 Writing Prompts

Staring at a blinking cursor can be one of the biggest frustrations a content writer will ever experience. The 200 prompts writing bundle will help content writers avoid writer’s block through forcing them to write content from a different perspective. The templates have space to record new prompts that can be turned into content for your marketing team later down the road. With these templates, you’ll be able to:
  • Generate ideas for new blog post content (even when you’re feeling uninspired).
  • Organize post prompts and keep your ideas in one place.
  • Break out of the rut of writing the same thing over and over by forcing you to write from another perspective.

7) Streamline Your Content Marketing Workflow

Our content marketing workflow kit will help you streamline your workflow and help your team get and stay organized with pre-planned editorial calendars, project management templates and and content planning docs. Snag this bundle to:
  • Streamline your project process to work more efficiently with an easy to use by creating a workflow template.
  • Organize the time you spend on one project and space the work out throughout your day.
  • Publish more projects organizing them from the beginning with a project planning meeting.

8) Organize Your Content Marketing With The Best Checklist On The Planet

Successful content marketing depends on your team following a series of steps to a T to create the best, most conversion worthy content. What are those steps? Glad you asked. The content marketing checklist bundle along with the blog writing checklist will take your team from point A to point B, allowing you to be organized, efficient, and publish more content (even if you’re a team of one). With these templates, you’ll be able to:
  • Map out repeatable steps for every type of project your team takes on.
  • Keep track of what’s been done in a project (and get them done the right way every time).
  • Do everything your organization needs to execute a solid marketing plan.

9) Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas Ever Again

With our blog ideas template scrambling around at the last minute trying to come up with a topic for your content writers to write about will be a thing of the past. There are 150 ideas, prompts, and more that will get you up out of your seat and inspire your team to write content that your audience wants to read. You’ll learn:
  • How to brainstorm the right topics for your audience.
  • How to plan blog posts ahead of time to avoid writer's block.
  • How to pick and choose prompts from a variety of subjects that will connect with your audience.

10) Crush Your Landing Page Copy

Landing pages require carefully crafted  copy, design, and CTA’s to maximize conversions. The landing page writing guide will help you format great copy, while our call-to-action guide will help you create great CTA’s that seal the deal for your audience and convince them to convert. Your team can track what landing pages are doing well and look for repeatable trends with our landing page performance tracking spreadsheet. You’ll learn:
  • How to write landing page copy that encourages your audience to take a specific action and interact with the content.
  • How to collaborate with designers to bring your copy to life.
  • Spot trends in what your audience interacts with on different landing pages that you can replicate on later pages.

11) Generate 30 Awesome Marketing Ideas In 30 Minutes

You’ve been in one of those meetings. You know the ones, where you go round and round for hours at a time trying to come up with content ideas. What if I told you, you could cut through the BS and have a full list of ideas in about 30 minutes? By using our content marketing brainstorming kit we’ll walk you through the same process that we use here at CoSchedule and get your team moving onto the next project in no time. You’ll learn:
  • How to productively brainstorm with your team in a 30 minute timespan.
  • How to sort out garbage ideas and create content that your audience actually wants to read.

12) The Best Way To Start A Podcast (Even If You Have No Idea What You’re Doing)

Podcasts are one of the latest trends to hit the market in the last ten years. However, finding the right steps to take to start your own podcast can be a bit intimidating. Our podcast guest management template will help guide you through everything from how to recruit guests to how to format questions for your guests. We did all the work for you so suddenly starting that podcast doesn’t seem quite as intimidating. By using this template you’ll learn:
  • How to approach and proposition your podcast guests.
  • How to create and angle and pick a name for your podcast that entices your audience to tune in.
  • How to record and promote your podcasts episodes to gain maximum amount of listens.

13) 34 Ways You Can Rock Your SEO Strategy

If your SEO is done right your blog posts, landing pages and more will experience a lot of organic traffic love by ranking you in the top 10 posts of a Google search. With our SEO tips and tricks kit plus the SEO-tips-list in the content marketing checklist bundle, you’ll be able to:
  • Build a thorough SEO strategy with tons of actionable tips.
  • Improve your rankings and drive more traffic from organic search.
  • Know which SEO tactics to avoid.

14) How To Take The Time To Develop New Marketing Skills When Your Schedule Is Already Packed

As a marketer, you know that you need to keep up with the latest data, trends, and ideas. Which means that you’re continually needing to learn new skills to stay ahead of the game. However, your schedule is already jam-packed meaning that taking the time to learn new skills can only be reserved for must-know information. Our marketing skills template will help you prioritize what problem you want to solve, what skills you need to learn to solve it and how to overcome the resistance that you may experience. You’ll learn:
  • How to figure out and plan what problems you want your new marketing skills to solve.
  • Help develop a strategy to learn your new skills.
  • Brianstorm and confront resistance tactics that may prevent you from developing new skills.

15) Plan Your Entire Marketing Strategy With One Simple Template

Using our marketing plan template your team will be able to plan how to execute each of your marketing projects and when the work needs to be completed as well as how to format your projects, so they connect with your audience. By utilizing this template your team will learn:
  • How to sort through your team’s massive list of ideas and figure out which ones will drive 10x growth for your team.
  • How to use audience personas, data from your competitors and internal analysis to create a stronger strategy.
  • How to strategically format your yearly marketing plan from your list of 10x ideas.

16) Prove The Value Of Your Projects With An Marketing ROI Formula Template

Trying to prove the return on investment from your marketing efforts is no easy feat. The MROI formula kit will give you the template you need to prove the MROI on each of your projects as well as the cost of the initial investment that your company puts forward. With this kit, you’ll learn:
  • How to track how much money each marketing project your team creates is making.
  • Spot trends in types of projects that are increasing conversions for your team.
  • Calculate how much it costs your team to create and execute a project.

17) Plan Your Marketing Budget With These Six Templates

Your marketing team has a lot of projects to execute in a year. All those projects need financial backing from your organization. Instead of coming with general ideas of what sort of budget you need, be prepared and make it impossible for them to say no. With our marketing budgets template bundle, your team will be able to lay out in simple terms how much money your marketing team needs and where your team plans to spend it. These budget templates will allow you to:
  • Break down the amount of money that your marketing team will spend in each section of your marketing strategy.
  • Be prepared for your annual budget meeting by showing exactly where dollars are going.
  • See at a glance where money is your budget is going and adjust your spend if your team is about to go over budget.

18) Keep Your Projects On Track With A Marketing Project Management Calendar

As your team creates project after project, it can be difficult to organize them all much less keep track of what your team is working on. By using our marketing project management kit you’ll be able to organize your projects and ship them faster. Using this calendar will let your team:
  • Create a backlog of projects and prioritize projects based on what makes the most sense for your team.
  • Breakdown what needs to be done for every project and see who needs to be involved and what work has already been completed.
  • Measure the success of your projects and repeat what works best.

19) Rank for Tons of Keywords With Topic Clusters

Topic clusters make it possible to structure content around a topic in a way that provides all the information your audience (and search engines) need. Our topic cluster bundle will allow you to research keywords and LSI keywords to fully tackle a content subject. A marketing calendar template will let you plan when your content needs to publish. You’ll learn how to:
  • Maximize your website authority by creating content pillars that are based off what your audience is looking for.
  • Give your content an SEO boost easily by learning how to backlink to your content pillars.
  • Strategize what keywords and topics your audience is looking for by researching high search volume keywords.

20) Streamline Your Team’s Task Approval Process

No project should ever ship without being reviewed and approved by another team member. Making sure you get this process right is important to make sure every project goes off without a hitch. Our workflow approval process bundle contains a marketing task approval checklist which you can customize for any marketing project that your team needs to create. Your team can then keep your marketing projects organized in one backlog as well as a template to help you build and organize the different parts of your projects. This bundle of templates will allow your team to:
  • Know when work has been approved by a manager without having to constantly go back and ask.
  • Determine a process for each of your marketing projects that will allow your team to streamline approval processes and get more done without having to go back and re-do it.
  • Manage your project backlog and work with your team to prioritize what needs to be done first each week.

21) Nail Your SEO Copywriting To Boost Your Search Rankings

SEO is the driving force behind your organic traffic. Done right, and your content will rank in searches that help drive new visitors to your site. Done wrong, and your content will end up buried in endless pages of Google results. With our SEO copywriting bundle, you’re content writers will have the resources they need including an SEO content strategy template, an SEO Copywriting template and an on-page checklist (located in your content marketing checklist bundle) that will guarantee that your content never misses an SEO step again. You’ll learn how to:
  • Record keywords and the intent behind a search which allows you to tailor your content to what people are looking for.
  • Brainstorm and write down what you need to include in your content to fulfill the searcher intent. Include what you know and don’t know about the subject matter.
  • Figure out what title tags, meta descriptions, keywords and LSI terms need to be in each piece of content your create.

22) Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan With An Effective Marketing Calendar

Crafting a marketing calendar doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. In fact, it can be as simple as following a template and recording it in one editable calendar. That’s what our actionable marketing calendar template does for your team. With step by step information, we’ll show you how to create and maintain your marketing calendar and fill in the accompany marketing calendar template (located in your topic clusters bundle). With this template your team can:
  • Get ahead of the game and annually plan each month’s theme for your marketing calendar.
  • Create a backlog of projects for each month and prioritize which projects need to be published first.
  • Keep track of keywords, images, topics and CTAs, and status of each project in one calendar

23) Craft A Video Script That Grabs Your Audience’s Attention

Every great marketing video starts with a great script. Our video script bundle will help guide you through the scriptwriting process by giving you actionable prompts, an editable template, and examples of scripts that have knocked it out of the park to help inspire your own. You’ll learn:
  • Craft a script that effortlessly carries the message your team wants to send (and avoid staring at a blinking cursor).
  • Score your script based on its ability to convert and adjust scripts with a weaker score.
  • Check out samples of video scripts that turned the table on traditional video marketing and help them inspire yours.

24) How To Organize Your Work When Dealing With Multiple Clients

Trying to manage multiple clients can be...a balancing act to say the least. One misstep and the whole process crumbles. Finding the right way to organize your team and your work is key to your success. Using the marketing clients bundle will allow your team to organize all of your content in one calendar, break down your projects into small manageable pieces, and allow your team to approve work throughout the process to avoid rehashing at the end of the project. You’ll learn how to:
  • Use multiple calendars to manage projects and content for each client. Work with daily checklists to never miss a step on any project (even when you’re juggling multiple projects for multiple clients).
  • Write all your project content in advance with one template that allows your team to track and manage multiple pieces of content.
  • With the marketing project management template you can see the whole scope of every project that your team is working on, the status of the project and what needs to be done before the project is considered complete.

25) Write Email Subject Lines That Increase Your Open Rate

Writing subject lines then encourage email is one of the easiest ways to grow your business by 10X. Why? More opens = more conversions. Therefore, you want to get those subject lines just right. With an email subject line bundle, prompts with power and emotional words and space to record A/B testing of your subject lines your team can crack the code to creating that perfect email subject line. This bundle will teach you how to:
  • Practice writing better headlines with 43 fill in the blank prompts.
  • Craft subject lines with emotional and power words using the right cheat sheets.
  • Test A/B subject lines and record what works to implement with later subject lines.

26) Plan Your Marketing Promotion Calendar For the Entire Year

When your sales and marketing teams come together, you can create promotional strategies that benefit them both. How does this work? With a marketing promotional calendar. Our marketing promotional calendar template will walk you through how to add last year's successful sales and how to brainstorm new sales for your upcoming calendar year.  By planning ahead your marketing team will not be caught off guard by a sudden sale, and your sales team will be able to maximize the use of the content that your marketing team has created. You’ll be able to:
  • Organize your seasonal promotions in one spot.
  • Give your team an overview of what is coming next which allows them to work ahead.
  • Figure out how to combine your marketing and sales efforts into one place.

27) Show Your Results With This Marketing Report Template

You know that moment. The moment when your boss comes to you and says I need to see the progress of your most recent campaign. Instead of panicking what if you had a document that laid out in basic terms the success of your campaign and how it's affecting the bottom line of your company? The marketing report template allows teams to gather, record, and present data to the higher-ups of your organization in a way that makes it easy to see the success (or failure) of a campaign. This template will allow you to:
  • Summarize what is going well each month for your marketing team.
  • Easily measure marketing performance with an easily editable template.
  • Know what to track (and why) to prove your efforts are succeeding (or identify weaknesses to improve on).

28) Plan Effective Marketing Campaigns More Easily With This Template

Marketing campaigns have a lot of moving pieces and getting them all right can be challenging. With a marketing campaign template, your team will be able to stay organized, keep campaigns on track, and set goals or objectives in one place. You’ll learn how to:
  • Plan what each of your marketing campaigns should contain with a marketing campaign brief so it can be approved by upper management or a client.
  • Plot out what tasks need to be completed and assign them to your team members which gives them an overview of what is expected of them.
  • Determine key metrics, goals and objectives for each project as well as the duration of the campaign, talking points and how much your team has to spend.

29) How To Write A White Paper That People Actually Want To Read

White papers don’t have to be boring! Our white paper template will give you step-by-step instructions that cut the fluff and give your readers exactly what they’re looking for. You’ll learn:
  • Thoroughly flesh out what you want your white paper to convey while eliminating fluff.
  • Write and format your white paper correctly with an easy pre-formatted template.
  • Make your paper easy to read and summarize information with spots for graphics, charts and sidebars.

30) Get Your Team Ahead Of The Game With An Effective Marketing Schedule

Executing your content marketing strategy without a schedule is like planning a trip without a map.Without a schedule, your team is liable to waste time, miss deadlines, and produce work that isn't as strong as it could be. To avoid this, you need to build marketing schedule. With our marketing schedule template, your team can plan everything ahead of time. From the date of publish to content types to who is authoring a piece of content your marketing schedule will give you all the information, you need at a glance. The marketing schedule template will allow you to:
  • Organize your marketing projects in one place that makes it easy for your team to find what’s coming next.
  • See deadlines and the progress of current work without it getting lost in an inbox or multiple spreadsheets.
  • Break down what needs to be completed for each type of project that your team needs to create so you can determine how far in advance you need to start your work.

31) Apply User Engagement Metrics to Boost Your Search Rankings

SEO ranking can seem complicated especially when your main goal is to get your content to rank higher in Google search engines. What if I told you that the way to reverse engineer top rankings is to write content that engages your audience? But first, you need to figure out what content your audience is engaging with. That's where tools like Google analytics come into play. We've created 5 Google Analytics custom reports that will allow you to track what content your audience is engaging with and help you determine why. From there you can use our smarter content template to create content that engages your audience. With this kit, you’ll be to:
  • Learn how to use Google Analytics to see what types of content your audience is interacting with.
  • Use a content calendar to create more content that data shows your audience wants.
  • Apply five Google Analytics Custom Reports to easily measure content and social media marketing success.

32) Create A Concise Marketing Plan That Your Team Will Actually Use

Marketing plans are the backbone of any good marketing strategy. It's hard to know what to include and what is fluff that can be left out. Instead of wasting your time guessing what needs to be in your plan use our marketing plan kit you through instead. With step by step instructions and prompts, you'll no longer have to stare at your screen guessing what needs to be in your plan. With this kit you’ll learn:
  • Know what you need to include in your marketing plan and exclude the fluff.
  • Track baseline performance metrics and keep track of your highest performing content.
  • Integrate new marketing tactics and repeat what connects with your audience.

33) Write Blog Posts That Generate The Right Leads

Your team craft blog posts to generate leads. If your team isn't producing leads what was the point of writing the blog post in the first place? Our 28-page blog writing process guide walks you through how to craft the perfect blog post. With blog post outlines, the called action template that we mentioned earlier And a Content calendar to plan your blog post in advance your team will be able to publish content that is irresistible to your audience. Our blog writing process guide will help you:
  • Write clear blog post outlines with a simple blog post outline template.
  • Get ahead of schedule with a content calendar and plan topics in advance.
  • Write effective calls to action that help drive lead generation with a call to action template.

34) Get Your Content Strategy Off On The Right Foot With A Calendar Template

Getting your content organized is only the first step in a long process of competing to gain ground in a market that is already oversaturated. To stand out you have to be the best. To be the best you need to be organized and consistent with your content. With our Content Strategy Calendar Kit your team will be able to organize create and promote content consistently. These calendars allow your team to see what's coming next and work ahead of schedule so that you're always one step ahead of your competition. With this kit, you’ll learn how to:
  • Get all of your content organized in one spot with a comprehensive calendar.
  • See what’s coming up next for your content creators.
  • Line up your content with the right social media promotion and maximize your traffic by planning promos in advance.

35) Connect With Your Audience By Building Better User Personas

Throwing your content into an empty void and hoping that something sticks is a waste of your time and resources instead you need to create content and campaigns that target an audience that is specific to your brand. With our audience persona templates your team will be able to research and crafts your target persona and be able to create content that speaks to their needs end problems and potentially increasing your conversion rate. These user persona templates will allow you to:
  • Create an in-depth overview of who your company wants to target by breaking down specific details in your persona.
  • Develop personas that accurately represent your target audience.
  • Create content that aligns with the needs and interests of your target persona.

36) Develop A Strategy For Your Video Marketing To Create A Memorable Impact On Your Intended Audience

You can't just throw a video online and expect it to draw in converting clients. You need a strategy behind the videos you create. Our video marketing strategy template will walk you through how to develop your ideas and execute them into videos that leave a lasting impression on your audience and help move them farther down your marketing funnel. You’ll learn how to:
  • Brainstorm your video series and the structure that your videos will take to help drive interactions with your audience.
  • Strategize where your videos will publish and gain the most views and engagements.
  • Plan your launch and make sure that your team doesn’t miss a step by using the provided checklist.

37) Encourage Click Through Rates With Catchy Blog Titles

Eight out of ten people that see your blog post stop reading after your headline. In other words, your headlines need to grab the attention of your reader and suck them straight into your content. Our catchy titles headline graphic will help guide your content writers to create better headlines. From there, you can A/B-test your headlines to see what make a lasting impression on your audience. Those results can help inspire future headlines and create an even higher click-through rate. This kit will allow you to learn how to:
  • A/B test, record, and track different headlines.
  • Look for patterns in headlines that are causing more people to click through to your content. Repeat those patterns in the new blog titles that you write.
  • Use the catchy blog headlines template to help format powerful headlines.

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86 Awesome Free Marketing Templates To Make Your Life Easier

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This post was originally published on May 9, 2016. It was updated and republished on Nov. 6, 2017.
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