How Will A Social Media Management App Save You Tons of Time?

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How Will A Social Media Management App Save You Tons of Time? 71


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Have you ever tried manually scheduling social media content?

We’d be willing to bet you have. If not by choice, then by necessity.

Sure, using Word docs and spreadsheet-based calendars to create and schedule posts works. Manual calendars and templates make it easier to know what and when you’ll post. They’re certainly better than not using any sort of tool at all.

They’re not necessarily ideal, though. They require a lot of copying and pasting. It’s also difficult to prevent human error when you’re moving content from one document directly into your social networks.

So, if you’re like most marketers or content creators, you’ve probably tried using various social media tools to save time and get your content under control. There’s a big market out there, and a lot of them even work pretty well. However, few bring all the features you need into one app.

And that’s what we think sets CoSchedule apart.

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Create and Schedule Social Posts With One Tool

Write your posts in a Word doc or a spreadsheet. Hand them off to someone else to review or edit. Copy and paste them into a spreadsheet-based calendar.

That’s the old-school way of doing things. It’s a simple and time-tested workflow, but like we explained before, it isn’t perfect.

That’s what makes CoSchedule’s social post creation and scheduling features such a lifesaver.

With the content calendar app, it’s easy to write posts, add images, and get them scheduled across most popular social networks, including:

Instead of logging into multiple different services, you can sign into one and have everything you need to get started right at your fingertips.


See All Your Social Posts on One Calendar

Social media posts don’t exist in a vacuum.

You probably have multiple campaigns and promotions scheduled at the same time. There are probably some one-off posts here and there, too.

Once you have your posts created and scheduled, CoSchedule makes it easy to see them all in one place.


Not only that, but you can also see all your social posts in relation to the rest of the content you have planned. It gives you easy access to a high-level overview of everything you’ve got going on.

Bring Your Blog + Social Promotion Together

If you’re investing time into writing awesome blog posts, you’re probably giving them some attention on social media.

However, if you’re only sharing each post once (or maybe twice), you’re probably not getting all the shares and traffic you could be.

Fortunately, CoSchedule makes it easy to schedule multiple posts to promote your content. Once you’ve written your blog post and scheduled it to publish, you can also create and schedule your corresponding social media posts.

Collaborate on Cohesive Social Media Campaigns

Having one place to collaborate, create, and schedule social campaigns makes life a lot easier.

With the Social Campaigns feature in CoSchedule, you can create and schedule a standalone social media campaign. Your campaigns can focus on one platform, or multiple networks, too.


Create and add a Task Template, and you can also create a reusable checklist so you don’t miss any important steps when creating campaigns. Built-in comments make it easy to communicate with your team and keep all your notes related to the project together in one place. No more digging through messaging systems to track down past communication.

Quickly Access Your Post Performance Data

We’re going to guess you’re not just sharing posts and then forgetting about them.

Rather, you’re likely looking at your social media data and making sure your posts are connecting with your audience.

That’s why we built Social Engagement Reports directly into CoSchedule. They make it quick and simple to measure your post’s performance within the app.


Automate Social Scheduling and Effortlessly Reshare Evergreen Content

If you’ve created social posts your audience super loves, you’ll probably want to share them again. ReQueue in CoSchedule makes it simple to reshare posts automatically at intervals you specify. You can also put messages into groups so you can organize posts to reshare into categories.


Stop Feeling Stressed About Social Media Management

So far, we’ve walked through a lot of cool features.

But, what does this all mean for your workflow?

First and foremost, one of the biggest benefits CoSchedule customers report is how much time they save. By bringing your entire social media marketing operation into one place, you can work more efficiently and effectively.

By automating tedious manual scheduling, you can cut hours out of your work week, and spend your time creating better content instead of just copying and pasting.

Want to use Click to Tweet on your blog?

Unless you really love copying and pasting, that sounds like a way better option to us.

And we’d know. We use our own product for every social message and piece of content we publish.

The results speak for themselves.

And That’s Just Scratching the Surface

We’ve covered a lot of things you can do with CoSchedule. There’s a lot more to know, though, and the best way to get a feel for it is to use it yourself.

Fortunately, we offer a free 14-day trial that gives you full access to everything our software can do. It’s powerful, but also flexible enough to customize and adapt to how you work. And if you run into questions, we’ve got a dedicated team ready to help you succeed.

Give it a spin for free and see how much you can get done.


Want to use Click to Tweet on your blog?

"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

Lee Hersh, Founder of Fit Foodie Finds
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