What Is the Best Social Media Scheduling Tool on the Market?

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What Is The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool On The Market? 83


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What Is The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool On The Market?

Social media can be a handful.

That’s an understatement.

The more that organized your team can be, the more time you’ll save.

Not to mention, you’d also save your sanity.

So, how can your team be more organized?

With a social media scheduling tool.

Without specialized tools, social media marketing is nearly impossible. How else can you create and schedule all your posts, manage your social team, and report on performance all in one place?

So, we’ve established that social media tools are essential here. But, which one should you choose?

We did the research so you don’t have to.

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This post analyzes the following social media scheduling tools …

… based on the following criteria:

  • Supported Networks
  • Price (Billed Monthly)
  • Mobile App
  • Direct Video Upload
  • “Best Time” Automation
  • Evergreen Queue
  • Reports/Analytics
  • Other Integrations
  • Curation Features
  • Collaboration and Project Management

Here’s a quick comparison chart for reference:

Available Features Per Tool

How Many Social Media Channels Can You Connect?

Each social media scheduling tool allows certain social media channels to connect with to them. Depending on which channels your team uses will determine the tools that are available to you:

Social Network Integrations

CoSchedule is the only channel that allows you to integrate with the six most popular major social networks.

Open your CoSchedule calendar and open your Settings:

Select Social Profiles:

Then hit Connect Social Profile in the right-hand corner:

A second screen will appear allowing you to choose the channel you want to connect:

Make sure that you are logged into your selected channel before adding your social media profile on to CoSchedule. Once you click the channel you want to add another window will appear asking you to authorize CoSchedule to post on your profile or page:

Once you click authorize you should see a confirmation screen:

After clicking OK! Got it! You should see the additional profile in your CoSchedule account:

How Much Does Each Tool Cost?

After figuring out which social channels you want to connect to your social media scheduling tool the next step is picking a total that is in the budget range of your marketing team.

Tool Price (Billed Monthly)

Schedule Your Posts On The Go With A Mobile App

Another key feature to your social media scheduling tool is if it has a mobile app or not.

Why is a mobile app essential? First, without a mobile app, your tool cannot post to Instagram.

That’s because Instagram does not allow third-party apps to post directly to the social network. To get around that restriction, social tools use apps to store posts and remind you when to publish them.

The second reason is that your team needs on-the-go access to your social content. Say you schedule the wrong post to go out at the wrong time. Instead of trying to scramble to find a desktop, you can easily adjust your posts right from your phone.

Mobile App Availability

CoSchedule has a mobile app where you can do everything from composing your posts to schedule and republish your best content.

Download it now from the App Store or the Google Play store and then check out this webinar where we’ll walk you through exactly how to use your new app:


Automate and Optimize Posting Times Without Worrying About It

Social media posts need to go out at the right time for optimal performance.

Why does it matter if your posts go out at the right time?

Because if you want the most people to see your content, you need to share it when they’re most active.

You’re also going to want a tool that will do this manually for you, so you don’t have to worry about looking up the best times to post every time you schedule a post:

Best Time Automation Availability

Did you know that CoSchedule sends your social media messages at the optimum time and when your channels experience the most traffic?

You read that right.

Start by composing a new post on your calendar:

Then under Time, select Best Time:

The post will publish at the optimum time for your given channel:

Upload Your Videos Directly To Social Networks

Videos are an integral part of your social media presence. In fact, videos on Facebook receive 135% more engagement than photos, which means being able to upload your videos straight into the app is key to your success.

Direct Video Upload

CoSchedule allows users to directly upload videos for your social posts. That makes it easy for your team to publish videos. To add a video to your post, open your CoSchedule calendar and create your message:

Switch your post type to Video and click Video Icon:

You can either drag your video to upload it, or use the file selector. Once your video has uploaded, you should see it preview on your post. If for some reason, your video doesn’t meet Facebook’s requirements, a red triangle will appear and tell you what needs to be adjusted:

Once you have your video uploaded you can draft your post or schedule it:

Keep Up With Your Social Presence With A Social Automation Queue

Evergreen content is an excellent way to help fill the gaps in your calendar and maintain a consistent posting schedule. The great thing about reusing your evergreen content is it doesn’t need to be updated; it can just keep going.

Evergreen Queue

CoSchedule has its own intelligent re-scheduling tool called ReQueue. It allows your social media team to strategically choose your best performing content and fill the gaps in your calendar.


Utilizing ReQueue is easy as pie. Open your CoSchedule calendar and find the section in our sidebar labeled ReQueue:

If you haven’t enabled ReQueue yet a second screen will appear with a video and an option to enable this feature:

Once you enable ReQueue, you’ll see the standard ReQueue group. You can either edit that group by hovering over the active sign until you see an edit pencil or create a brand new one. For this post, we’re going to create a new group:

To create a new group, you need to name it, select its start and end dates, and select how often you want this group to post in a week:

Now you have your ReQueue group set up; you can either create and add messages specifically for this ReQueue group by clicking Add Message and creating your content like you usually would:

Or you can go back to your calendar and select pre-scheduled messages on your calendar:

To add messages from your calendar go back to your calendar and select the message you want to add to your queue by scrolling down to the ReQueue toggle on the post:

Turning the toggle to on will allow you to select which ReQueue group you want to add the post to:

So now you have your post selected or created. Now you need to set the day and time that you want ReQueue to send your posts each week.

To do this go to the setting in your calendar and select ReQueue. There will be a chart like the one below that will allow you to select the time frame and days for your post to be sent:

If you scroll down further, you can enable ReQueue to fill gaps in each of your calendars for each social channel. Plus, you can choose how many messages you want ReQueue to fill in each day:

For more on how to use ReQueue and how it can help maximize the life of your evergreen content, check out this webinar:


Measure Performance With The Right Analytics

Proving what your team is doing on social media can be incredibly time-consuming. Having to go through in-app data channels can take forever and when your team is already crunched for a time, losing a day can make or break a project deadline.

To save your team time, look for social media scheduling tools that have analytics and report features built into them.

Social Analytics And Reporting Feature Availability

Enter Social Analytics in CoSchedule. No more hunting through in-app analytics or endless spreadsheets trying to figure out what’s going well and what isn’t:


Fill Your Calendar With Content Curation Features

Curating great content from reputable sources is a great way to keep your social media calendar full.

But, how you do easily and effectively share content on a consistent basis?

Start by selecting a tool with curation features built in:

CoSchedule’s Google Chrome extension that will allow you to click, schedule and share content right as you’re reading it.

First, download the CoSchedule extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Then, when you come across content you think your audience would enjoy, click the CoSchedule logo in the upper right-hand corner of your browser. From there, you’ll be prompted to select which CoSchedule account you’d like to schedule your post on:

From there you can select a channel, compose your post and voila! It’s added to your calendar. Check out this video to see how it works in more detail:


Get Organized With Collaboration And Project Management Features

Lastly, let’s look at collaboration and project management features. Why would this be important to a scheduling tool?

The complete social media campaign planning and content creation process often crosses over multiple teams. Instead of collaborating over email, keeping communication organized in one tool helps ensure messages don’t get lost.

CoSchedule is built to help teams collaborate on projects from one single platform with features like Task Templates and Task Approvals.

Instead of getting stuck in an inbox or constantly messaging your co-workers to see where an image or copy for a post is at you can find in all in one place.

Task Template

Team members can also pass comments and trade files with built-in commenting functionality. This is all great for project managers, too. When all your communication is transparent and approving work is easy, you can spend more time getting real work done (instead of tracking down messages in email threads).

See how it all works on this live demo recap:


Peace of mind and no panicking makes a happy marketing team.

Try CoSchedule Free For 14 Days

Now you can see that there are lots of different social media scheduling tools out there, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all the same.

Finding a tool that crosses of every check on your team’s research list is critical and that means you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

If you notice, CoSchedule checks off every single feature on this list.

Every. Single. One.

See how CoSchedule can help automize, optimize, and de-stress your social media marketing and start your free trial below.

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