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Manage Notification Preferences

Customizing your notification settings will allow you to only see the notifications that you need to see.

Turn On Browser Notifications

To manage all calendar notifications, go to My Profile > Notifications.

Toggling on browser notifications will allow you to be alerted about new activity on your calendar(s) even when you are not on

To turn on browser notifications, choose which notifications you would like to be alerted for under the Browser column.

Once you select a notification, you will receive an alert at the top of the notifications page, click Enable Browser Notifications.

After you click Enable Browser Notifications, you will receive an alert from your browser. Click Allow allowing CoSchedule to send browser notifications.

Depending on your browser, managing notifications may look different:

Note: Notifications will only be pushed if CoSchedule is open in a window or tab.

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Activity Notifications

Have complete control of your calendar(s) notifications for Dashboard, Email, and Browser. Either select specific sections of your calendar or manage specific notifications.


  • The status of a project or post changes
  • I am added as a contributor to a project
  • I am assigned as the owner of a project


  • My task is approved
  • A task is assigned to me
  • Someone completes my task or a task that I have assigned
  • My task is denied
  • A task is pending my approval
  • My task is due tomorrow


  • A new comment is made on an item I am contributing to
  • Someone mentions me in a comment
  • Someone reacted to my comment

Social Messages

  • There was a problem with your social message (Owner, Manager, and Admin users will receive a notification if a social message failed to publish.)

Weekly Digest

  • Receive a weekly digest of my activity

Additional Notifications
The below notifications are automatic and can not be managed in Notifications settings.

  • Social Profile Re-Authentication (Owner, Manager, and Admin users will receive a notification if a social profile that is connected to your calendar needs to be re-authenticated.)
Note: Managing push notifications for mobile will be handled inside of the mobile app.

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