What features are limited or not available in Free Calendar?

There are three main feature types that are limited or unavailable in Free Calendar, learn more below.

Team Collaboration

The following features are unavailable in Free Calendar.
  • Team Member Access Invite team members to join your calendar with their own login. (Note: Paid plans are priced per Team Member)
  • Discussions Collaborate with your team members by commenting, tagging, and adding attachments in the discussions area; receive notifications when your attention is needed on a project.
  • Read-Only Views Share Read-Only Views of your calendar or specific projects to keep bosses and stakeholders informed of your marketing team’s progress.
  • Advanced Team Planning and Communication Assign team members tasks and projects, assign roles for each team member, and customize calendar access.
  • Marketing Assistant Write first-draft copy, generate new ideas, and upgrade your marketing workflows with CoSchedule's AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence Assistant.

Advanced Project & Task Management

The following features are unavailable in Free Calendar.

Advanced Social Publishing

The following features are limited in the Free Calendar.
  • Social Media Publishing
    • No more than 15 scheduled or drafted social media posts at one time in Free Calendar.
    • Unlimited scheduled or drafted social media posts in paid plans.
  • Social Profiles
    • Connect up to 2 social profiles in Free Calendar.
    • No limit on the number of social profiles you can connect in paid plans.
The following features are only available in paid plans.