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Single Sign On

CoSchedule offers Single Sign On for authentication services to Marketing Suite customers.

CoSchedule uses Auth0 for this integration. Through the use of this third-party service, CoSchedule can tailor Single Sign On services to your organization’s needs.

Services Available:

  • Single Sign On for authentication
  • Custom identity providers (IdP) such as Active Directory, LDAP, ADFS, Google Apps, SAML-P Identity Provider and more with just a few lines of code
  • Multi-factor authentication
Note: Single Sign On is only available with the Marketing Suite.

Enable Single Sign On

Contact your CoSchedule Customer Experience Associate to initiate the setup process for SSO for your CoSchedule company.

We’ll provide your IT team with company-specific information. CoSchedule will coordinate with your IT team to perform setup, testing, and full integration. When SSO is enabled, company users will be able to sign in via your SSO provider.

Managing Users

Follow the instructions below to add or remove users from Single Sign On.

Add a User

When SSO is enabled for your CoSchedule company account, your company administrator will need to invite additional users through the CoSchedule application. Each specified email address will receive an invitation containing a link that will send them to the Single Sign On login page.

When users navigate to the Single Sign On login page, they will be prompted to sign in to the identity provider and then redirected to the CoSchedule application. All access and authorization to CoSchedule is controlled within CoSchedule. To update the access rights/user role of a new user, an administrator must log in to CoSchedule settings. Follow the instructions above. You also have the option to invite members directly from the settings page in CoSchedule. The user will receive an email with sign-in instructions.

Remove a User

To revoke a user’s access to CoSchedule you will need to update their access rights in your company team members page.


  • CoSchedule support personnel retain the ability to assume the identity of your company’s team members to fulfill technical support needs. All support activities are audited.
  • If SSO is enabled for a company, team members can only use SSO to access their CoSchedule account.

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