How Do I Harness The Power Of AI In My Business?

If you’re new to AI, it’s hard to know where to start.

With CoSchedule’s AI Strategy Workshop, you’ll get a personalized strategy, training, and tools to successfully leverage AI across your business.

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For Only $259 (a $1,099 Value)

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AI Strategy Workshop

Unlock Everything You Need To Implement AI

Your AI Strategy Workshop is your professionally-guided introduction to artificial intelligence. In just 2 weeks, you’ll work alongside one of CoSchedule’s AI consultants to build a personalized AI plan for your business.

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1 On 1 Business Discovery Session

Share your goals and objectives with your AI consultant. During this initial meeting, you'll identify how generative AI will deliver value to your team and business.

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On-Demand Video Training

Receive lifetime access to CoSchedule’s Intro to AI Course. This on-demand training covers the basics of using AI including prompt writing, ethics, & more.

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Develop An AI Policy For Your Business

AI usage can carry risks for organizations. Every Assessment includes an AI Policy Template, so you can establish responsible AI usage guidelines when you’re ready to roll out AI across your entire company.

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Train AI How To Write In Your Brand’s Voice

Train AI to learn your brand voice. With the help of your consultant, you’ll configure AI Training Modules tailored for your business. Your consultant will fine-tune these modules to improve your content output.

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Design Custom Prompts Tailored To Your Business

Improve the quality of AI-generated results with professionally built prompts. With the help of your AI consultant, you’ll receive custom, reusable AI prompt templates tailored for your business.

Plus These Bonus Items!

Exclusive Discounts & Offers

Once you’ve completed your AI Strategy Workshop, you’ll get exclusive offers for discounts on Hire Mia and additional AI training with our team of consultants.

Free Access To Premium AI-Writing Assistant

Equip yourself with the right tool for the job. Every AI Strategy Workshop includes a free, 60-day subscription to Hire Mia to execute your strategy.

Free Access To 1,100+ User-Tested AI Prompts

Receive hundreds of user-tested prompt templates to generate better first-run results from AI. With prompts for Sales, Marketing, General Productivity, HR, and more - you’ll have the right prompts to be successful with AI.

Ready To Get Started With AI?

Book Your AI Strategy Workshop

For Only $259 (a $1,099+ Value)

Purchase your personalized AI Strategy Workshop for only $259 (a $1,099+ value).

You’ll get instant access to your AI course plus a link to book your kick-off call with your AI consultant.

Why AI?

Integrate AI - It’s A No-Brainer

AI is in the early adopter phase and growing quickly. We collaborate with clients to elevate their productivity and efficiency with the help of generative-AI.

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77% of companies are either using or exploring the use of AI.

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83% of companies reported using AI in their business strategy is a top priority.

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AI is expected to improve employee productivity by 40%.


Key Benefits

Discover How AI Can Transform Your Business

Efficiency With Ai

Identify Opportunities To Increase Efficiency With AI

With your AI Strategy Workshop, you’ll learn best practices to create, repurpose, and execute content to increase productivity. Determine unique ways to streamline work using AI.

Create AI Content That Doesn’t Sound Canned

ChatGPT and other AI-content can sound robotic. With personalized AI-Brand Voice training, your content will sound like you actually wrote it.

Create AI Content
Reduce Review time

Reduce Review Time

Wish you could spend less time reviewing content? With Hire Mia and AI training, you’ll generate content that meets your brand, regulatory, and legal guidelines.


AI Assessments Improve Your Productivity From Day 1

AI is in the early adopter phase and growing quickly. We collaborate with clients to elevate their productivity and efficiency with the help of generative-AI.

Step 1:


Set goals & identify value for AI in your business.

Step 2:


Setup your Hire Mia account with brand training, prompt building, & more.

Step 3:


Take your Intro to AI Course + receive personalized recommendations from your AI Consultant.

Step 4:


Implement your AI Assessment to increase ROI.

Intro To AI Marketing Course

For marketers looking for a self-guided introduction to AI.

Start This Course

For Only $199

  • Single Course

  • Video Tutorials

AI Strategy Assessment & Pilot Program

For professionals leading implementation, training, & policy for AI across their entire company.

  • Discovery Consultation

  • On-Demand AI Training Course

  • 60-Day Subscription to Hire Mia

  • Custom Prompt Engineering

  • AI Training

  • 500+ User-Tested AI Prompts

  • AI Policy

  • AI SWOT Analysis

  • AI Implementation Guide

  • Custom AI Training

  • Exclusive Discounts & Offers

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