How To Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once In No Time

How To Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once In No Time 73

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Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could just update all social media at once…

And what if you could go beyond that to simply schedule social messages to publish now and well into the future?

And what if you could do it all in a few easy minutes?

  1. You’d solve the blank slate problem since you know posting to social media consistently is important, but doing it consistently—or even knowing where to start—is a challenge of its own.
  2. You’d turn what was a tedious nightmare into an efficient and repeatable process. You’d forget about logging in and out of every social media account and setting reminders to share things. There has to be a better way to set it and forget it!
  3. You’d actually find time to post on all of your social networks. It’s easy to avoid posting when it sucks up your precious time… but now you’d be organized enough to really focus on creating even better social media content, increasing your engagement, growing your following.

Well, your imagination really isn’t running that wild… because you can post to multiple social networks at once and well beyond with a beautiful and easy-to-use tool I like to call CoSchedule.

Here’s a sneak peek of exactly what I mean by posting to all social media at once with CoSchedule:


Now, just so I don’t get ahead of myself—and to help you choose the app that posts to all social media that’s right for you—let’s explore where to get started all the way through a real-life example of how this works.

How To Find Your App That Posts To All Social Media

Your first step is to create a checklist of what you need from an app to help you choose the ultimate best tool for you.

Here are the definite must-haves on your list to help you solve the problem of posting on multiple social networks now while also helping you easily scale your social media strategy.

[ ] An App To Manage All Of Your Social Media Accounts

In order to post to all social media at once, you need to find a tool that helps you manage all of your accounts in one place.

Create a social media accounts list to get you started. Here are a few things to think about…

You have business profiles:

  1. Facebook page
  2. Facebook groups
  3. Twitter handles
  4. Pinterest profile
  5. LinkedIn company profile
  6. Google+ page

You have personal profiles:

  1. Facebook profile
  2. Facebook groups
  3. Twitter handles
  4. Pinterest profile
  5. LinkedIn profile
  6. Tumblr blog

You’ll want to find an app to post to multiple social networks where you already have accounts. This will help you organize all of your social media, focus your efforts on the right profiles, and post consistently to every account.

[ ] An App That Posts To Multiple Social Networks At Once Easily

This is kind of a given since updating all of your social media at once is the problem you need to solve. But there’s a difference between an app that can do this versus one that’s designed to make this an easy process.

[ ] An App That Helps You Write A Variety Of Social Media Messages At Once

Many tools may help you write one message and blast it to all of your social networks. But your followers on Twitter likely expect different messaging than your fans on Facebook.

You need an app that helps you write a variety of messages so you can tailor them to the unique experiences your audience expects on different social networks. This will help you increase your reach, boost your engagement, and grow your following.


[ ] An App That Helps You Switch Up Visuals In Your Messages

Visual content is one of the best ways to make sure your social media messages stand out in crowded news feeds. But GIFs perform well on Twitter and don’t even animate on Pinterest where longer images dominate your followers’ screens.

Since you found an app that helps you post to all social media at once while tailoring your messages to each network, your next checkmark is to make sure that the tool supports visuals and that you can choose them specifically for each network or message.

[ ] An App That Helps You Schedule Once While Sharing At The Best Times For Engagement

Sure, you want a tool that posts to your social networks now.

But why not do the work of writing your messages once while automatically posting your social media messages at the absolute best times to increase your engagement and click-throughs?

[ ] An App That Helps You Post To Social Media Well Beyond Right Now

Yeah, this is similar to making sure you share at the absolute best times. But what if you could also schedule more messages to send tomorrow, throughout the week, or even a month or two from now?

Find a tool that helps you schedule out well beyond today so you can post all of your messages today while consistently sharing relevant content with your followers well beyond right now.

[ ] An App That Helps You Save Your Work As A Template To Quickly Post New Content In The Future

So you just found an app that will help you write messages for each network and connect awesome visuals to each. It also helps you post at the absolute best times and allows you to schedule social media messages tomorrow, next week, and beyond.

Find an app that helps you save that social media posting schedule to reuse it as a template.

That will save you time by doing the hard stuff once, help you turn your social media posting into a repeatable and efficient process, and help you share awesome content consistently to grow your following. Win-win-win!


[ ] An App That Helps You See Everything You’re Posting At Once

The more messages you post to your social networks, the more you’ll need a way to see everything that’s going out.

Search for a tool that gives you a visual at-a-glance view of the social media messages you’ll post every day of the week and allows you to easily drag and drop your messages to other days as needed.

[ ] An App That Helps You Manage Your Social Media Projects

You probably have blog posts to share on social media, campaigns to manage, and curation to organize.

Why not find a tool that helps you get completely organized with all of it in one place complete with as many workflows as you need?

Shop Around, But CoSchedule Will Fill Up Your Checklist

You’ve probably guessed it, but CoSchedule is the world’s only social media calendar that will check off every point in your checklist. Let’s take a look at how you can use CoSchedule to post on multiple social networks at once (and beyond).

Manage All Of Your Social Media Accounts In One Place

Simply log in to your social media accounts, then connect them into CoSchedule.


Once you’re set up, you won’t need to worry about logging in and out of your social networks to post your messages because you’ll schedule everything to send through CoSchedule.

Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once

You can easily write a message, choose an image, and post that same message to multiple accounts at once.

Step 1 and 2:ProdBlog_Nathan_MultipleSocialNetworks-helpers12
Step 3: ProdBlog_Nathan_MultipleSocialNetworks-step3

Step 4:ProdBlog_Nathan_MultipleSocialNetworks-step4

While this is a thing you can do, I recommend tailoring each message you send to a specific social network. This practice will help you write for each network accordingly to help you increase your reach, engagement, and click-throughs.

The following steps will help you learn how to do exactly that.

Write Awesome Messages With Social Text Helpers

Use social helpers to write messages that you can reuse without copying and pasting.


I like to write social text helpers specifically for each network, then get inspiration for the actual messages from:

  • Questions: Close-ended questions that leave followers answering yes or no are proven to increase click-throughs.
  • Stats: Share an interesting fact from your content. Numbers tend to draw clicks, too.
  • Blog titles: There are three kinds of headlines that get shared more than any other—how to, list, and question.
  • Controversy: Make your readers question what they think they already know to get clicks.
  • Anecdotes: What do you believe that goes against the grain of common belief? Taking your followers off guard can increase clicks.
  • Humor: About 50% of all social media users share content that entertains. Get reshares by sharing funny content that appeals to your followers’ emotional need to be entertained.
  • Quotes: Did you mention something an influencer said in the content you’re sharing? Quotes like that make for powerful social messages.
  • Benefits: The age-old question your audience constantly asks themselves before clicking through to read your content is, “What’s in it for me?” Write social media messages that help your audience improve themselves and achieve self-fulfillment.
  • Snippets: Subheadlines, powerful sentences, and messages in Click To Tweet boxes all serve well as ideas for social messages.

Include Awesome Images In Your Messages With Social Image Helpers

Next, mix up your visuals in your messages to add variety to your posting schedule. When you use social image helpers in CoSchedule, you can easily reuse your images in multiple social media messages without copying and pasting.

Facebook example:ProdBlog_Nathan_MultipleSocialNetworks-fbookall

Twitter example:ProdBlog_Nathan_MultipleSocialNetworks-twitterall

Sizing images correctly for each network can help you increase your engagement, and social image helpers make it easy to post those correctly for each network.

Here’s some inspiration for the types of images that perform well on social media:

  • Infographics: This is the most-shared type of content. Infographics perform particularly well on Pinterest.
  • Quote graphics: Grab a powerful quote from your content and embed it in a graphic. This tactic is common on LinkedIn.
  • Animated GIFs: Motion stands out in busy news feeds. Animated GIFs perform well on Twitter.
  • Title graphics: You spend a lot of time on your headlines… include them in your social media images to capture attention immediately. Title graphics tend to perform well on Twitter.
  • Mini infographics: Sometimes, it’s nice to summarize some of the big points from a particular section of your content in a mini infographic to teach your social media followers immediately. This tactic performs well on Twitter, and is definitely worth trying on Google+ for a more techie audience.

Schedule Messages Now While Automatically Sharing Smarter With Best Time Scheduling

Create a new social message in CoSchedule, then simply select your text and image helpers. CoSchedule will automatically send your message at the best time for the networks you select according to best practices.


Save Your Social Media Posting Schedule To Reuse It Later With Social Templates

The point of writing multiple messages and images is to schedule a variety of social media messages now and let them automatically post to all of your social media well into the future.

That will save you tons of time, organize your process, and help you share consistently.


Now you’ll post to multiple social networks at once with a variety of text and images, while also scheduling more messages for:

  1. 1 day from now
  2. 3 days from now
  3. 7 days from now
  4. 28 days from now
  5. …and anything in between or beyond

When you’re done, simply save your social queue as a template you can reuse again for other content you’d like to share.

See Every Social Media Message With Your All-In-One Editorial Calendar

Now that you’ve scheduled social media messages for multiple projects, it’s nice to see all of it on one calendar.

many drag and drops

Easily filter by social media account to find days where you may have too much or too little activity, then drag and drop your messages accordingly. All of it is here!

Manage Your Social Media Projects Even Smarter With Task Templates

You can use CoSchedule to manage all of your social media posting projects—blog posts, social media campaigns, Twitter chats, e-book promotions, anything!


Simply create your project on your calendar, then use tasks to seamlessly assign work to you and your team, complete with due dates.

An Example Of How It All Comes Together: Posting An E-Book Landing Page On All Social Media In 10 Minutes Or Less

Learning from example is a great place to start. So…

Let’s say your team just wrote the e-book on How To Create A Social Media Strategy. Wink-wink, this is a real example. ;)

Your team would add that project as Content on your CoSchedule editorial calendar.


From there, you’d create the Tasks necessary to complete the project, choose the task due dates, and assign them to your team to complete.


Posting to social media is one of the tasks assigned to you! And with CoSchedule, you can create your social media messages way before you publish the e-book.

Here we go:

1 Minute: Create Your Social Helper Tags

In that same Content on your calendar, you’d simply open the Social Helpers and create your Text Helper tags.


Then you’d create your Social Image Helper tags.


5 Minutes: Add Content To Your Text And Image Helpers

Then you’d fill in the blanks of your Text Helpers with the actual copy you’d like to use in your social media messages.


Then you’d fill in your Image Helpers by uploading your graphics, pictures, or GIFs:


3 Minutes: Schedule Multiple Messages In Your Social Queue

Next, you’d start filling up your Social Queue with messages. Choose your Text Helper and Image Helper, then select the Social Media Profiles to which you want to send those messages.


Add more messages to your queue to span days, weeks, or even months from the point of publish.


1 Minute: Save Your Queue As A Reusable Social Template

When you’re done creating your messages, simply Save Queue As New Template. Now you’ll be able to reuse the work you put into this template with future e-books—or whatever content you’d like to post, really.


That’s it! Your e-book is going to be a social media success because of you!

You just posted to multiple social networks at once—and scheduled tons of bonus messages that will help you post consistently without the tedious, manual work.

And the best part?

You saved all of the work you did creating Social Helper tags, scheduling your Social Queue, and creating a Social Template. So the next time you have to post on social media, it’ll only take you seven minutes or less because you’ll just have to add content into your text and image helpers.

Now You Know How To Post To All Social Media In A Matter Of Minutes

You’re pretty much the best social media manager in the world right now. :)

You’ve learned:

  1. Where to get started to post to social media consistently to build a following of engaged fans.
  2. How to boost your efficiency with a repeatable social media posting process that will get you organized.
  3. How to actually find time to post on all of your social media because you won’t have to log in and out of multiple accounts.

Your CoSchedule social media calendar is a great way to manage all of your profiles, post to multiple social networks, and organize every project along the way.

Get started with a free 14-day trial and let me know how much time you save!

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Demand generation enthusiast, content marketing advocate, and team player. I love new ideas, strategy, and efficiency.

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