The Skimmer's Guide to CoSchedule (An Overview of the Best Features)

Managing an entire marketing strategy…

…well, it can feel like your head is spinning.

Just as one campaign gets out the door…

Another thousand content requests come flying in…

(on way too short of notice)

Your team members are frantically working on a million different things…

…your social strategy is less-than-optimized…

…your own to-do list is longer than should be legal…

And honestly…

You’ve come to the point where you need some HELP.


As the #1 marketing project management, content organization AND social scheduling tool…

…we’ve got the solutions you need to make your life a billion times easier AND get your entire marketing strategy back on track.


And since you’re a busy marketer with *no* time to spare…

…I’ve put together “The Skimmer’s Guide To CoSchedule” (so you can find the solutions you need…fast).

So let’s jump right into all the ways CoSchedule can stop your head from spinning…

…and turn YOU into an ultra organized, cool-as-a-cucumber (because you’ve got everything under control) marketing pro.

Let’s go!

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Project Management + Content Organization

Ready to be a project management superhero?

With content so organized that you’ll make a professional organizer straight up jelly of your skillz?

Well, you’re in luck.

With CoSchedule, you can:

  • Organize (+ track) every piece of content on your calendar
  • Integrate with the tools you love
  • Easily organize + manage large campaigns or projects
  • Gain powerful insights, easily identify peaks + valleys, AND drive productivity (without all that tedious data collection)

Let’s dive into the deets, shall we?


Custom Color Labels: Organize (+ Track) Every Piece Of Content On Your Calendar

Categorize, prioritize, and emphasize the content you + your team care about (and find your content faster). Use custom colors, add text, and drag + drop your labels to create your content organization dream house. (Read more)

Example of custom color labels

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Saved Calendar Views: Find the Content You Need, Fast

Instead of spending all that time searching and filtering (and then doing it all over again), you can find the content you need with just a couple clicks. Simply drill down into your favorite view (just one time!), and save your filter for quick + convenient access whenever you need it. Filter your views to get more specific…and the best part? You can create unlimited saved calendar views. (Read more)

Saved Calendar Views in CoSchedule

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Tags: Group Content Together

No more wasting time combing through your calendar! Create custom categories and groups by adding a tag (or multiple) to your content, then search for a specific tag (or even create saved calendar views based on your tags) to quickly find the content you need, no matter where it’s located. (Read more)

Piece of content with tags

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Content Types: Manage Everything in One Place

Content is not a “one size fits all” and neither is your team. Whether you write blog posts, create weekly podcasts, design infographics, or manage full-scale feature launches, you can easily customize and organize the types of content your team cares about. (Read more)

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Integrations: Integrate CoSchedule With The Tools You Love

Easily integrate CoSchedule with Google Docs, Evernote, and Google Analytics. Connect your WordPress account to our app (and automatically publish your posts) or use our WordPress plug-in! Plus, you can use our Chrome Extension to curate content from around the web, and our Headline Analyzer to create the perfect headline…every time. (Read more)

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Marketing Projects: Easily Organize + Manage Large Campaigns Or Projects

Consolidate every piece of related content into a single marketing project, and maximize your team’s resources from one centralized location. Easily create custom workflows with specific owners + deadlines AND utilize in-app chat to eliminate information silos, share files, comments, and project details with everyone. Which means you can proactively plan your entire marketing roadmap, monitor your progress, and make adjustments faster. (Read more)


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Team Performance Reports: Gain Insights in ONE Powerful Report (Without All That Tedious Data Collection)

Easily identify peaks (and valleys) in your team’s performance, know who’s falling behind (and who’s rockin’ it), and get weekly or monthly reports delivered right to your inbox. (Read more)

And once you’ve got those tools under your belt…

…you’re well on your way to having a STELLAR project management strategy and hella organized content to boot.

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Social Media Scheduling

Are you in over your head when it comes to managing your social?

Or just looking for a way to make it…IDK, more manageable?


Then look no further. :)

Cuz we’ve got everything you need to take control over your social media strategy…

…increase engagement…

…AND turn you into a social media guru (backed with *real* data)!

With CoSchedule, you can:

  • Create, execute + track your social media in ONE place
  • Set your social media on autopilot
  • Eliminate guesswork when it comes to scheduling your social AND increase social engagement
  • Create, edit, and schedule social messages (even when you’re away from your desk)
  • Know the success of your social engagement with in-app analytics

Let’s get right to it.


Social Campaigns: Create, Execute + Track Your Social Media in ONE Place

Create standalone social campaigns (or easily add one to a piece of content), fill gaps in your calendar, and quickly reschedule a message or social campaign without jumping from screen to screen. (Read more)


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Social Templates + Helpers: Save Tons of Time

Simplify your social media strategy (and save a TON of time) with social templates and text, image, and video helpers. Build out custom social schedules + connect specific social profiles to create social templates. (Which you can reuse for any social campaign!) And leverage helpers to fill up your campaigns with some sweet text, images or videos that you can reuse again and again! (Read more)


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ReQueue: Set Your Social Media On Autopilot

Fill the gaps in your social schedule (and stay consistent), get MORE mileage out of your social messages, easily re-promote your evergreen content, add variety to your social schedule, AND stay in control of every single social message. (Read more)


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Best Time Scheduling: Eliminate Guesswork When It Comes To Scheduling Your Social AND Increase Social Engagement

Take the guesswork out of posting your social media messages, so you can get the most engagement from your social messages every time, without the manual busywork! (Read more)

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Social Media Mobile App: Create, Edit, And Schedule Social Messages (Even When You’re Away From Your Desk)

Enjoy the flexibility, control, and sense of security you get with 24/7 access to your social promotion! Quickly add new, triple check, pause, and update your social messages without having to rely on Wi-Fi or your physical location–making it easy to react fast to trending topics, real-time events, and time-sensitive situations. (Read more)

Manage all your social networks in one place.


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Social Engagement Reports: Know The Success Of Your Social Engagement With In-App Analytics

Measure the success of every social media message you share, prove the ROI of the work you do, understand your engagement on social media, AND know what’s working…and what’s not. (Read more)


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So whether you’re looking to become a powerhouse project manager…

…a content crusader…

… or a social media superstar….

As the #1 marketing project management, content organization AND social scheduling tool…

CoSchedule’s got everything you need to create, execute, and promote your marketing content.

(And that’s something to get excited about!)