34 Blog Examples To Unlock Creative Ideas For Your Own Blog

Whether you’re starting a new blog or you’re in the marketing trenches day in and day out, inspiration can be hard to come by. Learning from other successful blog examples can help you create a content strategy of your own. That’s why this post will share actionable tips and takeaways to help you emulate and pull inspiration from others who have already found success. This post is packed full of examples to get you inspired. But, what happens next when it comes time to implement each actionable takeaway? That’s where these templates come in. Download the blog post bundle to get templates to help you organize, write, and manage your blog. Recommended: Blog Post Idea Generator
Marketing & Business Blog Examples

1. Shopify Blog

Shopify is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms thanks to its easy-to-use interface, high-converting themes, and excellent customer support. Their blog covers a broad range of topics related to business, marketing, and the Web. Shopify blog homepage https://www.shopify.com/blog landing page for all their blog content

What Makes the Shopify Blog Great?

The first thing that stands out is its variety of content. If you’re running an e-commerce business, there’s a lot you need to do marketing-wise, and it wisely avoids the trap of being too narrowly focused.

How to Emulate the Shopify Blog

  • Figure out which topics resonate most with your audience.
  • Consistently publish content on a variety of those topics.
  • Get multiple voices writing on your blog.

2. Orbit Media Studios

Lots of marketing agencies invest in content that demonstrates their expertise and capabilities. Few do so, as well as Andy Crestodina and the team at Orbit Media Studios. Orbit Media Studios blog sign-up page https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/ covers practical tips for content marketing, analytics, and web design.

What Makes the Orbit Media Studios Blog Great?

It isn’t easy to be both actionable and concise; however, this blog consistently achieves both of those goals. Their posts typically share practical how-to marketing advice in a way that’s easy to understand while also showing the reader how to implement it.

How to Emulate Orbit Media Studios

  • If you tell someone to do something, show them how to get it done.
  • Eliminate extraneous information.
  • Try to stick to a reasonable word count.

3. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income founder Pat Flynn is a blogging machine. He’s built an immensely profitable business, and he shares his advice willingly. Smart Passive Income blog homepage https://www.smartpassiveincome.com is Pat Flynns platform where he shares tips and tricks to grow your audience.

What Makes Smart Passive Income Great?

This blog is awesome because it’s full of advice that Pat has executed himself. He speaks from first-hand experience, and that’s just one thing that helps this blog stand out.

How to Emulate Smart Passive Income

The key here is to share tips around things you’ve actually tried. Taking this approach leads to unique and original posts that others can’t copy easily.
  • Become an expert at something new.
  • Share what you learn.
  • Be generous with your expertise.

4. Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is one of the leading SEO tools to help blogs rank higher and get more traffic. SEO often seems like magic to newcomers, but fortunately, the Ahrefs Blog is here to demystify how it works. Ahrefs blog homepage https://ahrefs.com/blog/ covers many topics regarding their tool as well as best SEO practices.

What Makes the Ahrefs Blog Great?

The team at Ahrefs consistently covers the topics and problems SEO practitioners and marketers most often encounter and they show readers how to actually get things done.

How to Emulate the Ahrefs Blog

Dig deep into technical topics and make them easy to understand. Do that while making your advice actionable, and you’re on your way to creating a blog that readers will trust.
  • Include step-by-step instructions.
  • Listen to your audience.
  • Engage with readers.

5. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward started his blog back in 2012 and currently focuses on topics primarily related to SEO. With in-depth guides and case studies, Matthew compiles a ton of research into every post he writes. Matthew Woodward blog homepage https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/ is Matthew Woodward's blog where he posts about SEO content.

What Makes Matthew Woodward’s Blog Great?

What separates Matthew’s blog from most other SEO blogs is that he publishes well-written case studies. It’s one thing to blog about the technical components of SEO, but it’s another thing to provide a step-by-step outline of how a particular brand achieved its goals.

How to Emulate Matthew Woodward’s Blog

Case studies take time and great documentation. Good organizational skills are key.
  • Create case studies that document an entire process.
  • Use lots of visuals/screenshots.
  • Encourage dialog and respond to all comments.

6. CoSchedule Blog

Since its humble beginnings as a marketing blog & calendar in 2013, CoSchedule has grown into a marketing solution offering several products and thousands of free marketing resources. CoSchedule’s suite of products strives toward helping marketers plan, create, promote, and measure their content at every level. CoSchedule marketing blog landing page https://coschedule.com/blog covers many marketing related topics to help marketers.

What Makes CoSchedule’s Blog Great?

Aside from the fact that it’s ours? :) The answer boils down to two words: actionable content. Each blog post must offer thorough, ready-to-implement advice.

How to Emulate the CoSchedule Blog

Your focus should always be actionability but round it out with a healthy serving of passion.
  • Build trust in your audience by helping them achieve their goals.
  • Feature how-to posts and repurpose podcasts or other media regularly.
  • Vote for value and overdeliver in your content whenever you can.
  • Try new ideas and formats.
Technology Blog Examples

7. Microsoft Story Labs

Microsoft’s business spans several different industries. From innovative PC hardware to their venerable productivity software and beyond, few companies have greater global reach or impact on how the world uses computers. Microsoft's Story Labs blog covers all kinds of stories about their products as well as forward-thinking, innovative ideas. Example of a Microsoft Story Labs blog post https://news.microsoft.com/stories/ is a blog style page where Microsoft covers a variety of topics.

What Makes Microsoft Story Labs Great?

Microsoft’s blog topics certainly aren’t conventional, and they do a great job of thinking outside the box. Whether they’re discussing the United Nations partnering with students to build better public spaces using Minecraft, or a wallpaper company revolutionizing a “boring” product, they excel at publishing compelling content like what you’d find on a leading non-branded blog.

How to Emulate Microsoft Story Labs

This blog excels at exceptional storytelling, which requires rolling up your sleeves, doing some research, and really getting to know your interview subjects.
  • Hone your inner journalist.
  • Ask your sales team for ideas on exciting customers.
  • Share those stories on your blog.

8. Think With Google

If you think the largest search engine in the world, Google, would know how to create great content, you’d be correct. They publish several different blogs, but for this post, look at Think With Google. Think With Google blog homepage https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/ gives writers insight and ideas how to publish great content.

What Makes Think With Google Great?

What stands out here is the sheer variety of types of content available. You’ll find articles, videos, infographics, tools, research reports, and more on the home page.

How to Emulate Think With Google

  • Create a variety of content formats.
  • Make that content easily digestible.
  • Keep it updated consistently.

9. Dell Blog

Dell, the well-known computer hardware company, is another excellent example of a brand thinking like a publisher when it comes to its blog. Dell Technologies blog homepage https://www.dell.com/en-us/blog/ covers a variety of tech news and information for their readers.

What Makes the Dell Blog Great?

It’s a simple detail, but this blog’s design and category selection look much like any other tech news site someone might choose to read. They share news, opinions, and reported features as you’d find on those types of sites.

How to Emulate the Dell Blog

The name of the game here is thinking like a publisher.
  • Emulate news publishers instead of other brands.
  • Hire enough content creation and management staff to do it right.
  • Invest in good blog design.

10. Tech Savvy Mama

If you’re a parent in the 21st century, you know both the struggles and opportunities of technology and parenting. Tech Savvy Mama explores how to use technology as a parent in a fun, easy, and safe way. Tech Savvy Mama blog homepage https://techsavvymama.com/ covers different topics regarding parental safety with technology

What Makes Tech Savvy Mama’s Blog Great?

Tech Savvy Mama offers an unbiased opinion on topics that many parents in the digital age are concerned about. Providing valuable tips from someone readers can relate to is the name of the game here.

How to Emulate Tech Savvy Mama’s Blog

Writing about something you have prior experience in and something you’re passionate about, will be more enjoyable for you to write and for your audience to read.
  • Discover and discuss the pain points of your target audience.
  • Include helpful links and research throughout your articles.
  • Be involved and passionate about what you’re writing about.

11. PlayStation Blog

With the gaming industry’s total revenue expected to reach $314.4 billion by 2026, it’s no wonder why Sony would want to make sure one of its flagship brands has a strong blog presence. Playstation blog homepage https://blog.us.playstation.com/ covers many topics in different media forms regarding video games, consoles, and latest tech news.

What Makes the PlayStation Blog Great?

One detail you could focus on here is the sheer variety of content types. There are news pieces and videos, to new podcast episodes, and beyond. There’s also a high level of production value. It’s well-written and on par with what one would expect from a professional blog.

How to Emulate the PlayStation Blog

Like the Dell example, this blog excels by taking a publisher-style mindset. However, it’s more directly branded (it is the PlayStation Blog, after all).
  • Start small but build your way up.
  • Hire professional content staff.
  • Look at what news sites in your industry do, then emulate them.

12. Pliancy

In a world of content for the sake of content, Pliancy’s blog hones in on personal perspectives. The angle works well with their IT platform’s tagline of “people first”. Pilancy blog landing page https://pliancy.com/blog has great blog posts regarding processes, experiences, and growth.

What Makes the Pliancy Blog Great?

Excellent storytelling, and bold, no-nonsense blog posts. All posts include valuable, real-life examples as takeaways.

How to Emulate the Pliancy Blog

Focus each of your blog posts on a Big Idea. Expand on that Big Idea through personal stories and real-world examples.
    • Feature blog posts that expand on your company mission in detail to help customers understand the philosophy and processes behind your work.
  • Focus on personal perspectives and experiences as topics.
  • Allow the personalities of your staff to shine through each post.

13. Twingate

Twingate is a blog about security, access control, IT compliance, and product development. If your company covers similarly complex and technical topics then they’re the blog to follow. Twingate blog landing page https://www.twingate.com/blog/ covers topics regarding IT, security, and more written from all levels of employment to gain different perspectives.

What Makes Twingate’s Blog Great?

Expertise and credibility. The blog is written by various levels of staff, who each also have their own personal brand that helps amplify their blog.

How to Emulate the Twingate Blog

  • Mix product updates with coverage of technical how-tos and case studies.
  • Build blog posts around other media, such as a podcast, a video or an interview.
  • Keep informational posts highly technical. No fluff.
Music, Art, Culture & Fashion Blog Examples

14. Musicians Friend: The HUB

Musicians Friend is an online musical instruments store that sells everything from guitars, drums, recording equipment, amps, and so much more. With such a large selection of products, it can be daunting to choose which product is right for you - that’s where The HUB comes in. Example blog post from Musician's Friend: The HUB https://www.musiciansfriend.com/thehub covers buying guides, as well as information on products for potential customers.

What Makes The Hub Blog Great?

Musician’s Friend’s blog, The HUB, is a fantastic example of content marketing done right. Instead of forcing customers to go somewhere else to do product research, this blog is full of helpful buyer’s guides and informative articles.

How to Emulate The HUB

While e-commerce companies can benefit most directly from following this example, any website with product or service pages could employ a similar approach.
  • Figure out which questions newcomers to your industry often ask.
  • Create informative buying guides.
  • Make that content easily accessible on product pages.

15. ModCloth

ModCloth’s mission is to reimagine women’s clothing by offering unique designs and a seamless online shopping experience. Buying clothes online can sometimes be a hassle, but the Modcloth Blog helps make things easier by sharing style tips, showing off new products, and more. ModCloth blog homepage https://blog.modcloth.com/ creates content regarding styles and new trends for customers to read.

What Makes the ModCloth Blog Great?

Top-notch product photography is the name of the game here. On top of that, ModCloth does a great job at sharing behind-the-scenes content of photoshoots and “what’s in my shopping bag” articles where staff share their favorite pieces.

How to Emulate the ModCloth Blog

Even if you don’t have access to a professional photographer, you can start applying some of the principles that make this blog’s photography work so well.
  • Invest in photography.
  • Include real people in your product shots.
  • Show people creative ideas for using your products.

16. Musician Tuts

Musician Tuts is a tutorial hub for all types of musicians. Whether you want to learn how to become a better guitarist, sing with more power, or are just looking for a list of popular Christmas songs to play, Musician Tuts has you covered. Musician Tuts blog homepage https://musiciantuts.com/ covers topics for guitarists to explore.

What Makes Musician Tuts Great?

Apart from its informational content, Musician Tuts also features creative blog ideas like expert roundup posts and joke collections. Many blog posts feature high-quality charts, audio files, and videos to help musicians better understand certain concepts.

How to Emulate Musician Tuts’ Blog

  • Add accompanying media wherever possible to help get your point across.
  • Use creative blog ideas to give your blog personality
  • Create informative review guides.

17. Boing Boing

Boing Boing describes itself as “A Directory of Mostly Wonderful Things.” That gives you some idea of what you’ll find here: a wide variety of exciting stories loosely revolving around art, culture, technology, and beyond.   Boing Boing blog homepage https://boingboing.net/ covers a variety of topics for their readers to browse.

What Makes Boing Boing Great?

Beyond exceptional writing, it excels at offering a diverse mix of stories that other sites and blogs don’t cover. It’s relevant and unique, which isn’t an easy balance to strike.

How to Emulate Boing Boing

  • Curate stories you think your audience would find interesting.
  • Cover a variety of topics.
  • Develop a strong editorial voice.

18. Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is a web hosting service whose blog takes an off-beat approach to content creation by writing about things like White Stripes cover videos or time-lapse videos of cable train rides. Laughing Squid blog home page https://laughingsquid.com/ covers a variety of topics using a unique approach to blogging.

What Makes the Laughing Squid Blog Great?

If those kinds of topics seem irrelevant at first, consider this: Laughing Squid is in the business of hosting websites. So, why not share the most interesting things they can find from around the web? It’s a smart content strategy that has made them a much better-known name than if they blogged about dry, technical topics instead.

How to Emulate the Laughing Squid Blog

This approach isn’t necessarily difficult to follow. It relies heavily on curating content and offering commentary. The challenge rests in consistently finding content worth sharing.
  • Find an exciting intersection between your product, your industry, and what your audience enjoys.
  • Get creative.
  • Curate content.
Thought Leadership Blog Examples

19. Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a New York Times best-selling author who has written several marketing books and offers some great free resources on his blog. His articles take on a more conversational tone than other blogs, making them unique and stand out from the crowd. Chris Brogan Blog homepage https://chrisbrogan.com/# writes about controversial topics and utilizes short, unique content rather than long form content.

What Makes Chris Brogan’s Blog Great?

It’s well-written, and the posts are quick. Readers are given quality takeaways without setting aside an hour to read each one. Quality is more important than length.

How to Emulate Chris Brogan’s Blog

Though copying Brogan’s expertise may be challenging, there are some aspects of his blog that are easy to emulate.
  • Make your blog’s focus clear.
  • Offer free resources on your site.
  • Blend opinion and practical advice.

20. Bad Red Head Media

Bad Red Head Media is here to help authors close gaps in their skill sets so they can learn how to write great books and understand how to market them, too. Bad Redhead Media Blog Homepage http://badredheadmedia.com/blog/ helps writers write good books, as well as market them to the public.

What Makes Bad Red Head Media Great?

It has attitude and personality, but it isn’t condescending. Founder Rachel Thompson is here to be helpful, and she delivers in spades, with posts clearly explaining how to tackle all kinds of marketing tasks an author might encounter.

How to Emulate Bad Red Head Media

Be yourself and be committed to helping your audience. Here are a few ways to do just that:
  • Let your personality shine through.
  • Share helpful tips.
  • Keep it clear and straightforward.

21. Full Focus - Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt has a lifetime of knowledge to share about leadership. And that’s exactly what he offers on his blog - Full Focus. Michael Hyatt's "Full Focus" blog homepage https://fullfocus.co/blog/ covers topics about leadership and he keeps his content short and concise.

What Makes the Full Focus Blog Great?

Beyond the quality of his guidance and advice, Hyatt keeps his content short and to the point in an easy-to-read list format.

How to Emulate Full Focus’s Blog

  • Start by planning posts that share practical advice.
  • Group them together by theme.
  • Maintain a warm and helpful tone.

22. Ryan Robinson

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to start a blog, Ryan Robinson does a great job at diving into how it’s done. Ryan creates some seriously impressive guides on starting a blogging business, freelancing, content marketing, and more. Ryan Robinson blog homepage https://www.ryrob.com/blog/ covers topics regarding blogging, freelancing, as well as content marketing to generate an income.

What Makes Ryan Robinson’s Blog Great?

Ryan is transparent with his readers about how he makes money through his blog, and his guides provide actionable, step-by-step advice on how to replicate his successes. His content doesn’t stray too far from the blogging and online business niche, so his audience knows what to expect from him.

How to Emulate Ryan Robinson’s Blog

  • Be transparent with readers.
  • Focus on one main niche and dominate it.
  • Perform in-depth keyword research.
How-To, DIY, & Home Renovation Blog Examples

23. The Home Depot Blog

Being one of the largest home improvement supply companies in North America, Home Depot can offer actionable advice on how to use their supplies in your next home improvement project. And they’ve done just that with their blog, which focuses on DIY projects, how-to’s, remodeling ideas, and more. Home Depot blog homepage https://www.homedepot.com/c/diy_projects_and_ideas covers DIY and ideas for those who are interested.

What Makes the Home Depot Blog Great?

The first thing that stands out is its quality and simple design. They offer useful videos and detailed articles that will help you complete a project and provide you with an easy way to purchase the exact products you need to get the job done. Example of a Home Depot blog video tutorial

How to Emulate the Home Depot Blog

One thing to focus on is making content people want and making it easy to sort and find.
  • Make it easy to filter content by category or interest.
  • Make content interactive.
  • Make that content detailed and actionable.

24. Benjamin Moore Blog

Benjamin Moore is a leading supplier of paints, stains, and primers. With a product so focussed on aesthetics and design, it’s no wonder Benjamin Moore’s blog is focused on providing renovation examples to help inspire you.  Benjamin Moore blog homepage https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/project-ideas-inspiration talks about project ideas and inspiration for customers.

What Makes Benjamin Moore’s Blog Great?

Benjamin Moore makes it easy for non-designers to visualize what a room could look like if they use specific colors and accents. Their blog focuses on providing high-quality imagery and accompanying that imagery with the Benjamin Moore colors used.

How to Emulate Benjamin Moore’s Blog

If you’re into DIY or are writing an article about a project you completed, make it easy for your readers to purchase the exact products you used. Link out to each product within your post so that if your audience wants to replicate the process, they can do it with ease.
  • Give readers ideas that will inspire them.
  • Make it easy for your audience to replicate the process.
  • High-quality imagery is critical.

25. Chris Loves Julia

People love seeing before and after renovations, and that’s exactly what Chris Loves Julia’s blog is all about. The duo is constantly renovating homes, updating designs, and bringing their readers along for the journey. Chris Loves Julia blog homepage https://www.chrislovesjulia.com/ shares inspirations regarding remodels and designs for people to see.

What Makes Chris Loves Julia’s Blog Great?

The overall tone of voice and writing style used in the Chris Loves Julia blog is incredibly personal and makes you almost feel like you know them. What’s more, their blog updates are consistent and detailed, keeping readers coming back for the latest updates.

How to Emulate Chris Loves Julia’s Blog

It can be tough to consistently post content every day, especially if you have a small team. That being said, consistently publishing new, high-quality content will only improve your chances of having a successful blog.
  • Consistency is key - post every day.
  • Writing in a conversational tone to better connect with your audience.
  • Take high-quality before and after pictures.
Copywriting, Web Design & Graphic Design Blog Examples

26. Copyblogger

Brian Clark and the team at Copyblogger have been writing one of the best blogs for copywriters for years. Copyblogger blog sign-up page

What Makes Copyblogger Great?

One aspect that makes this blog one of the best is its clarity and focus on offering solid educational content. Any time you visit Copyblogger, you can rest assured you’ll leave with something useful you can apply to your work.

How to Emulate Copyblogger

  • Don’t neglect beginners and non-experts.
  • Get to the point.
  • Help your audience be more productive.

27. Copyhackers Blog

Copyhackers pride themselves on offering copywriters high-quality products, tips, and tutorials on becoming a better copywriter. Whether in sales or marketing, the Copyhackers blog can most likely offer you some advice worth reading. Copyhackers blog homepage https://copyhackers.com/blog/ covers tips and tricks to better copywriting marketing.

What Makes Copyhackers’ Blog Great?

What immediately stands out when you get to the Copyhacker’s blog is they give you the option to define what you do and which skill you’re looking to improve. Filling out this information immediately provides you with hyper-focused content that you’re more likely to click on.

How to Emulate Copyhackers’ Blog

  • Make it easy for your audience to find the content they’re interested in.
  • Use gifs for humor.
  • Create scroll-stopping blog titles.

28. Smashing Magazine Blog

Smashing Magazine is more than just you’re average blog; they do everything from hosting live events to selling books and having their own job board. The articles published on the Smashing Magazine blog are typically very in-depth and focused on web design, development, and performance. Smashing Magazine's blog homepage https://www.smashingmagazine.com/articles/ publishes articles about web design, development, and performance.

What Makes Smashing Magazine’s Blog Great?

The team at Smashing Magazine not only writes their own articles but also publishes articles from thought leaders and experts in the industry. Their publishing process is rigorous and detailed, which makes for top-notch content.

How to Emulate the Smashing Magazine Blog

Smashing Magazine has a strong reputation in the web performance and development space, so writers typically come to them, but you can also reach out to experts in the industry and ask if they would like to guest post for you.
  • Reach out to experts in the industry to write for you.
  • Provide actionable and detailed advice in every post.
  • Focus on a broad niche and dive deep.

29. VistaCreate Blog

Marketers and designers are always busy. VistaCreate’s blog is dedicated to helping them stay on top of projects and trends with practical listicles. https://create.vista.com/blog/ posts about different topics to keep users up to date on new trends.

What Makes VistaCreate’s Blog Great?

Their roundup “best of” articles are an excellent source of inspiration for what other creators are doing.

How to Emulate the VistaCreate Blog

Feature at least 5-10 season-specific articles per season (for example, 10 Best Christmas Campaigns, 12 Best Books on Branding Holiday Gift Guides, and more).
  • Use mainly listicle-type blog posts.
  • Follow and report on successful marketing projects done by others in the industry.
  • Give away templates to help busy marketers.
Lifestyle Blog Examples

30. Patagonia: The Cleanest Line

Patagonia is a mission-driven brand that sells men's and women's apparel, packs, bags, and more. They pledge 1% of sales to preserve the natural environment, and their blog, The Cleanest Line, documents stories that align with their mission. Patagonia blog titled "The Cleanest Line" https://www.patagonia.com/blog/ covers content regarding their mission and brand to draw in new customers

What Makes The Cleanest Line Great?

It doesn’t feel like a generic brand blog. Patagonia has gone to great lengths to produce top-notch content that doesn’t just catch people’s attention when they’re in shopping mode, but when they’re simply browsing the web.

How to Emulate the Patagonia Blog

  • Share your mission.
  • Source high-quality photography.
  • Get well-respected writers on your blog.

31. Evernote

As one of the premier personal and organizational apps out there, it makes sense that Evernote’s blog would focus heavily on productivity and getting organized. That includes sharing use cases for their product and posts about organization and productivity in general. Evernote blog homepage https://evernote.com/blog/ posts regarding productivity and organization in the workplace.

What Makes the Evernote Blog Great?

This blog balances product-centric posts and content that connects with broader topics its audience would be interested in. If readers care about what your product does, they will probably be interested in other related topics.

How to Emulate the Evernote Blog

Bloggers and content marketers often wonder whether it’s okay to promote their own products in posts, and Evernote shows how to do it right.
  • Show your audience how to use your product.
  • Cover topics related to what your product helps people achieve.
  • Think outside the box.

32. Spoon Fork Bacon

One blog to consider following in the food space is Spoon Fork Bacon. Its clean design, quality photos, and clear recipes stand out as a case study in food blogging done right. Spoon Fork Bacon blog homepage http://www.spoonforkbacon.com/ posts photos and recipes for readers to view and follow to generate traffic.

What Makes Spoon Fork Bacon Great?

Aside from having a humorous name, it’s well-written and full of personality. The images are tantalizing and tasty looking, which engage food-lovers to want to read more about the dish.

How to Emulate Spoon Fork Bacon

  • The best food blogs are all about high-quality photography.
  • Avoid cluttering recipes with unnecessary information or ads (something that can make commercial cooking sites challenging to navigate).
  • Get a writing partner or someone to help create content and manage your blog.

33. Redfin Blog

Redfin is a full-service real estate brokerage where you can do everything from buying, selling, and renting a property. Buying or selling a home can be a scary process for many folks, so Redfin’s blog offers valuable tips and advice for buyers and sellers. RedFin blog homepage https://www.redfin.com/blog/ posts about all things home buying, real estate, and buyer advice.

What Makes Redfin’s Blog Great?

Redfin’s blog has a collection of insightful articles answering questions that you may have not even thought of. Things like How to Avoid a Delayed Closing or What You Need to Know About Mortgage Underwriting.

How to Emulate Redfin’s Blog

Go above and beyond to answer questions your audience might not have known they had. If you’re able to help your readers avoid certain mistakes, they’ll thank you for it and put more of their trust in you.
  • Answer questions your readers didn’t know they had.
  • Provide clear step-by-step instructions.
  • Categorize your posts so you can easily sort them.

34. Etsy Blog

Etsy is an e-commerce marketplace focused on handmade goods. Everything from custom-made kitchen mitts to laser-cut jewelry can be found on Etsy, and their blog does a great job at featuring these artisan creators. Etsy blog: Etsy Journal homepage https://www.etsy.com/blog posts about DIY projects or arts and crafts for readers to see.

What Makes Etsy’s Blog Great?

Etsy’s blog offers a balance of DIY ideas and shopping guides and a Featured Shops section that highlights creators on their platform. This gives their creators a chance to tell their story and provides Etsy blog readers a chance to learn more about each creator’s products and mission.

How to Emulate Etsy’s Blog

If you own a shop that sells products manufactured by other suppliers, you can interview those suppliers to give your buyers a better idea of where your products come from and how they’re made.
  • Highlight stories from your product or service’s users.
  • Create gift list posts for different occasions.
  • Get crafty and show the step-by-step process of how to complete DIY projects.
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Common Questions About Blog Examples

How Do You Write A Blog?

Although there are multiple steps to writing a blog post that is well-researched and thought out, there are some basic elements that all successful blogs share. These elements include things like coming up with a relevant keyword, doing plenty of research, adding visual content, and optimizing for search engines.

What Are 4 Common Types Of Blogs?

Four common types of blogs include:
  1. Business: Typically written by owners or employees of a company and focus on topics related to the product or service that the company sells.
  2. Personal: Written by individuals and can be about any topic, from family life to politics to travel.
  3. Industry/Niche/Vertical: Focused on a specific industry, niche, or vertical market.
  4. Entertainment: Covers topics like celebrities, movies, music, and TV.

What Are 5 Common Blog Platforms?

There are a variety of platforms to choose from when deciding how to manage and publish your blog content. However, the 5 most common blog platforms include WordPress, Wix, Medium, Blogger, and Squarespace.

What Does A Blog Look Like?

Blogs can take on many shapes, and the type of post you’re writing will likely influence the post template you use. Whether you’re writing how-to articles, numbered lists, survey posts, or expert roundup blogs, try to follow a template that makes it easier for the reader to digest the information. Recommended: Hire Mia's Free Blog Post Generator This piece was originally published November 22, 2018. It was reoptimized and republished June 4, 2021, December 1, 2021, July 31, 2022, October 21, 2022, February 27, 2023, and March 1, 2024. Ben Sailer, Leah DeKrey, Nathan Ellering, and Owen Piehl contributed to this piece.
About the Author

Cody Arsenault is a growth marketer with a specialization in both search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising using platforms like Facebook/Instagram, Google, and Pinterest. He has helped many companies scale their brand through his expertise in SEO and PPC. Cody runs a self-managed digital marketing company that is simply called Cody Arsenault. He started this site to help document what he has learned through venturing out on his own as an entrepreneur. This company specializes in PPC advertising for eCommerce brands, SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and social media growth. He has been running this company for four years now. Cody’s site also features a blog, which he is the author of. His blog features a ton of articles about paid advertising, SEO, tips & resources, business strategy, social media strategy, making money online, product reviews, and much more. His business also features a newsletter that teaches people how to grow their online business.