Get Insanely Organized (Your Way) With Our Latest + Greatest Updates

How To Get Insanely Organized (Your Way) With The Latest + Greatest Design Updates 74

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This is how to Get Insanely Organized (Your Way) With the Latest + Greatest Design Updates

Imagine how much easier your life would be if…

You could categorize…prioritize…

AND emphasize the stuff that you (and your team) care about.

Where you could organize content based on what matters to YOU

…(not how a tool thinks you should do it).

Where searching for that post or social campaign from 6 months ago takes mere seconds…

And you always find exactly what you need…

…right when you need it.


Too good to be true?

Think again.

Because the #1 calendar for everything YOU need organized…

…just made a few updates… :)

Welcome to your Type-A, organizational powerhouse:

  • Custom Color Labels: Your color labels got even more powerful with added ability to personalize, emphasize, and prioritize your labels with custom colors and text.
  • Updated Filter Menu + Saved Calendar Views: Your filter menu got a whole lot cleaner and more user-friendly, plus you can actually save the filters you create.
  • And starting today….Tags! (keep reading)

Now, let’s dive headfirst into these three small BUT powerful updates to your calendar…

…shall we?


March 28, 2017: Custom Color Labels

Your calendar is jam-packed with multiple projects…

…multiple deadlines, and lots of WORDS.

Lots and lots of words.


Luckily, you have those tiny (but powerful) color labels to help you find your content fast.

And with the custom color labels update…your labels got even more powerful.


Now you can actually personalize your labels with custom colors…

…give your labels a name…

AND prioritize them based on what your team cares about!


Basically, they make your calendar about 1000x more organized…

…and more personalized, to boot. 👢

So let’s get to three reasons why custom color labels are so awesome.

1. Personalize Your Calendar With Custom Color Labels

With custom color labels, you can categorize, prioritize, and emphasize the projects you (and your team) care about…

…with the colors you care about.

Because who doesn’t love a little personalization, am I right?!

Especially Type-A marketers (cough-cough)…


And because I know you’re dying to create your custom color labels…first, head to your calendar settings.

On the right side of the screen is a list of all your current labels (with the pre-set color scheme).

To start changing up the colors, click on the circle icon, and select one of the colors listed in the drop down palette, or you can select a specific color by using the color wheel (or put in the exact hex number).


So now if you have a custom color scheme you want to use (based on the colors used in your branding) or if certain colors just make you feel happy…

…you can use them within your calendar!

*fist pump*

Now onto part two of why custom color labels are the best thing since sliced bread.

2. Easily Identify Your Color Labels By Giving Them A Name

No more wasted time translating your mystical color system…

…now you can give your team the context they need by adding a name to every color label.

Which means you can chalk that up to a time-saving WIN.

And because you’re a go-getter…

…here’s how you can easily add text to your color label.

All you gotta do is head to the text box next to the color you want to use…

…and start typing!


Pretty easy, right?


And if you haven’t decided what name to your label (or don’t want to name it at all)….

No problemo!

Any un-named labels will be listed horizontally at the bottom of the dropdown.

Example of custom color labels


And just like that …

Your labels get SUPER personalized (in just a few quick steps).


3. Prioritize Your Labels Based On What Matters To You (And Your Team)

Hate wasting time?

Well, you’re in luck…

Because with custom color labels, you can prioritize your color labels!

Which allows you to add content to the calendar fast…

AND keep your team focused on the right stuff.


So once you have all the labels you need for your team…

…just drag and drop them into the order that works best for you!


And just like that…

You’ve mastered the art of the custom color label!


And if you thought that feature was great.

…keep on readin’ my friend.


April 18, 2017: Updated Filter Menu + Saved Calendar Views

You’re BUSY.

Which means your calendar is PACKED to the brim with projects…emails…

…blog posts…social campaigns…and more importantly…


Basically, you’ve got ZERO time to spare.

And that jam-packed calendar, well…sometimes it’s hard to find your content.


BUT you also don’t have any extra time to spend searchin’ for your stuff!!


Which is why we updated the Filter Menu…

And added a nice lil’ feature called Saved Calendar Views!

So instead of spending all that time searching and filtering (and then doing it all over again)…

…you can find the content you need with just a couple clicks.

*happy dance*

And since time is of the essence…

…let’s jump right into the three reasons why these two updates are so sweet. 🍦

1. Simplify Your Workspace With Your New + Improved Filter Menu


We know you don’t have any time to waste.

Which is why we cleaned up your filter menu so it’s easy to locate the filters you need…

…so you can find the EXACT content you need…faster.

(Because we know that a little efficiency can go a LONG way).


So here are the deets (and the how-tos) of your new filter menu.

How To Use Your New Filter Menu

On the upper left side of your calendar, select your new filter button.

And once you’ve opened your menu, at the top you will notice the new “Saved” section.

This is where your saved filters will be located (more on that later)…

And below that list, you will see ALL the options you can use to filter your calendar.


The best part?

Your filter menu is customized to meet YOUR needs (and your needs only).

For instance, if you aren’t connected to WordPress or aren’t connected any social accounts, neither of those categories will be displayed in your filter menu.

Which keeps your menu free from unnecessary clutter…

And helps you find your content faster!

Talk about a win-win. 👍

2. Eliminate The Tedious Process of Filtering Your Calendar AGAIN And AGAIN

Let’s be real for a sec…

The process of filtering your calendar…well, it isn’t exactly exhilarating.

And what if you are always filtering down to the same view?

That means you have to apply the same set of filters over AND over again…just to find the content you need.

*loud sigh*

But luckily…

…Saved Calendar Views from CoSchedule is here to make it WAY less complicated.

Saved Calendar Views in CoSchedule


Because with Saved Calendar Views (available on all Team Pro Plans)….

….the process of filtering your calendar AGAIN and AGAIN…

…is gonzo.


Simply drill down into your favorite view (just one time!), and save your filter for quick + convenient access whenever you need it.


And regardless of who you are OR how you use your calendar (whether you’re a large marketing department or small agency)…

…you can use saved calendar views to create the filters YOU need to get sh*t done.


The best part?

You can even filter your saved calendar views to get EVEN more specific.


And because we made saved calendar views with busy marketers like you in mind…

…you can create an *unlimited* amount of saved calendar views.


^^Yep! No limit, my friend.

And once you’ve created all the views you need..

…you can drag and drop your saved views into the order that works best for you AND easily access them at the top of your filter menu.


Basically what I’m trying to say is…

…saved calendar views allow you to customize your filter menu so that it works best for YOU.

Which means you can have your cake (aka sweet customization options)…

AND eat it too :)


3. Jump Into Projects Faster With Saved Calendar Views

Your master calendar view is…

…well, stressful to say the least.

Literally every piece of content, every task, AND every deadline is just staring at you…

…demanding your attention.

But with so much to look at, it’s hard to find what you need to be productive.

So, with saved calendar views, you can stop wasting time filtering down to the stuff you care about…

..and get immediate access to the view you need right when you log in.



Plus, it’s easy to switch between saved calendar views, so you never have to get caught staring at a busy screen.

Which means that instead of wasting time filtering your calendar…

…you can focus on being productive instead.


And now that you’ve mastered your updated filter menu and saved calendar views…

…let’s get to the real reason you’ve read this far… ;)

…aka the NEWEST CoSchedule feature!


Today: [New Feature] Tags

Just to recap…

…remember how much content you have on your calendar?

It’s A LOT.


And while custom color labels helped your calendar get a little more organized…

…and saved calendar views + your updated filter menu made it easier to locate certain content…

…we thought there was ANOTHER feature you needed in your organizational tool kit.

So without further ado…let’s talk about CoSchedule’s newest feature…Tags!!

Add an extra layer of organization to your calendar…

…so you can always find what you need…whenever you need it.

With Tags from CoSchedule, you can:

  • Tailor the calendar based on how your team stays organized. Create custom categories and groups by adding a tag (or multiple) to your content, so you can create the perfect organizational formula for finding projects fast…and getting sh*t done.
  • Simplify your search process + find your content faster. No more wasting time combing through your calendar. Just search for a specific tag (or even create saved calendar views based on your tags) to quickly find the content you need, no matter where it’s located.

So let’s jump into why Tags are so awesome…

And learn how they are going to make your life infinitely better + WAY more organized.

Tailor The Calendar Based On How Your Team Stays Organized

Getting organized is hard enough already…

But it gets MUCH harder when the tools you are attempting to use…

…try to tell you HOW to get organized.


But with Tags…you get the flexibility you deserve by being able to create custom categories and groups by adding a tag (or multiple) to your content.

Which means you get to create your perfect organizational formula for finding projects fast…

…and basically, get sh*t done, YOUR way.

So, let’s get started you started with Tags!

Here’s the how-to:

First, let’s talk about how to create AND add your first tag.

To start, head into any piece of content you already have on the calendar.

And then underneath the text box where you have titled your piece of content (and added a description)..

…is a NEW text box where you can create your first tag.


Simply type in the first tag you want for your piece of content, hit Enter, and then wahla!

You’ve successfully added your first tag!

And because we don’t like limits…

…you can add as many tags as you want to a piece of content.


Piece of content with tags

But before you dive right into the tag game…

There is one thing to consider when creating + adding tags to your content.

Make sure the tags you are using and adding to content not only make sense…

…but are going to be something you remember when you need to look for it again.

Because you have to actually be able to find them…😉

Otherwise, it won’t cut down on your search process (more on that next).

And that, my friends..

…is how you intelligently create and add tags to your content.

Just one more step until you’re a tags pro!


Simplify Your Search Process + Find Your Content Faster

And while adding tags to content is pretty fun…

…it’s the ability to SEARCH for tags that makes them the “cannot-live-without” organizational tool.


Because you can finally stop wasting time combing through your calendar.


Just search for a specific tag (or even create saved calendar views based on specific tags)…

…to quickly find the content you need, no matter where it’s located.

Here’s the how-to:

Head to the search bar in the upper right hand side of your calendar.

Then, type in the name of the specific tag you are looking for.

Hit Enter, and BOOM.

The search results appear!

If you want to narrow the search down to just tags (highly recommend)…

…select the Advanced Search option at the bottom of the list (after your initial search).

Just type in the name of the tag again, use the Type drop down option, and select Tags.


You can also use saved calendar views to your advantage when searching for tags.

Simply create a saved filter based on your most-searched-for tags.


^^which makes finding content a snap.


And just to give you an idea on how you could use Tags…

…let’s dive into a few examples:

Scenario 1: Your marketing team has posts written in different languages, so now you can easily add tags like “English” or “Español” (along with however many other tags you want to add) to those specific pieces of content. Or if you create content for certain regions of the world, make sure to include the region / country name as one of your tags. For instance “North America” or “Argentina.”

Scenario 2: Your marketing team manages multiple clients. So now you can easily add their respective company names as tag to every piece of their content. For example all Hotdog + Co content should include the tag “Hotdog + Co.”

Scenario 3: Your marketing team produces a whole range of topical content. For instance, part of your content usually includes How-to’s and feature launches. So if you write a blog about how to use a new feature called “Raining Cats + Dogs” make sure to add “How-To” and “Raining Cats + Dogs” when assigning tags to your content.

^^Pretty nice, right?

And while those are few ways you can use Tags…

…you are only limited by your imagination!

Because your company is unique.

Your team is unique.

…and that means the way you organize your stuff is unique, too!


And while all the features in this blog may seem small at first…

…they are the features that make CoSchedule a million times more enjoyable for you!

Because they allow you to customize + organize your (and your team’s) calendar…

…based on what matters to YOU.

And as the #1 calendar for everything you need organized…

…that’s the way it should be.



About the Author

Product Marketing Specialist @CoSchedule + popcorn connoisseur. Favorite things: Southern food, creative thinking + board games.

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