Project and Social Message Statuses

There are four default project statuses: Draft, Pending Review, Scheduled, and Published. Use these to organize and show the status of your projects.
  1. Draft: Project WILL NOT publish or go live. Best used when the project is still in progress.
  2. Pending Review: Project WILL NOT publish or go live. Best used when a project needs to be approved by another individual.
  3. Scheduled: Project WILL publish or go live at the time scheduled. Best used when a project is completed but will go live at a future date/time.
  4. Published: Has been published, sent, or is live on your website/social media channels. Best used to mark which projects have been fully completed by your team.
If you are a Marketing Suite customer, you have access to Custom Statuses. Click here to learn more about Custom Statuses.

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