Manage Sub-Calendar Views

With the Marketing Suite, CoSchedule automatically creates a calendar view for each Color Label, allowing you to easily filter content and manage user access with customized permissions. Use Sub-Calendar Views to see all content related to one department, product line, or another category all in one place.
Note: This feature is only available with our Marketing Suite.

Access Sub-Calendar Views

You can find Sub-Calendar Views in the main Calendar menu with your custom Saved Views. CoSchedule automatically creates a Sub-Calendar View for each Color Label.  

Manage Sub-Calendar View Access

Admins, managers, and owners can control which Sub-Calendar Views team members can access. Team members can see, edit, and create items only for those Sub-Calendar Views they have access to. To manage Team Member access:
  1. Go to your Team Members page.
  2. Select the desired team member.
  3. Choose the desired Sub-Calendar Views.
If a user is assigned an item such as a Task or Project with a Color Label they cannot access, the user will be able to see the item on their Home page, but they will need to be assigned access to the appropriate Sub-Calendar View to be able to open the item. Similarly, if a user is assigned an item within a Project or Campaign that includes items with multiple Color Labels, they will only be able to see the items they have access to.

Enable Sub-Calendar Views

Sub-Calendar Views are enabled by default for CoSchedule clients who joined after January 2021. For existing users, it can be enabled as a Power Up.
  1. Go to Settings,
  2. Click Power Ups.
  3. Click Enable Sub Calendar Views.

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