How to Find Your Content Faster + Increase Productivity in CoSchedule

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How To Find Your Content FASTER + Increase Productivity [New] 73

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New Feature: How to Find Your Content Faster + Increase Productivity

You’re BUSY.

Like, the “every-minute-is-scheduled” definition of ‘busy’.

Which means your calendar is PACKED with projects…emails…blog posts…social campaigns…and more importantly…


*dun dun dun*

Basically, you’ve got 1,000 things to do today…(and the day after, and the one after that)…

…and that jam-packed calendar, well…sometimes it’s hard to find the content you’re looking for.

The problem with that is…

…you DON’T have a lot of extra time to search your calendar (or even your filter menu) to find what you need.

Because time is money (and you don’t want to waste either of those things).

time is money.gif


So what if…

…you could set up your calendar to show only the content you WANT to see

…where filtering takes just a few seconds (!!!!)…

…AND you can find your projects faster.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Which is why we are excited to announce CoSchedule’s updated Filter Menu + newest feature, Saved Calendar Views!

With these [awesome] updates, you’ll be able to:

  • Simplify your workspace with our new + improved filter menu. Easily locate the filters you need, to find the EXACT content you need…faster.
  • Eliminate the tedious process of filtering your calendar AGAIN and AGAIN. Simply drill down into your favorite view (just one time!), and save your filter for quick + convenient access whenever you need it.
  • Jump into projects faster with saved calendar views. No more wasting time filtering down to the stuff you care about, get immediate access right when you log in.

So instead of spending all that time searching and filtering (and then doing it all over again)…

…you’re about to have your most productive day yet.

Cheers to that, my friend.



Simplify Your Workspace With Our New + Improved Filter Menu

Remember that packed calendar of yours?

Yeah, it’s filled to the brim with all the stuff you need to get done (ASAP, might I add).

And because everything is just staring at you


…you need to start checking items off the list to maintain some semblance of sanity.

But since your calendar is LOADED…

it’s tough to find what you need.

(Which means just starting your task takes LONGER than you want).


But thankfully, now you can simplify your workspace with our new + improved filter menu.

Easily locate the filters you need, to find the EXACT content you need…faster.

Old Vs. New Filters in CoSchedule

Needless to say, it’s a whole lot easier to filter your calendar.

So now you can stop wasting time searching for your content…

…and spend more time moving projects forward.


Getting Started With The New + Improved Filters

To start using your *new* filter menu, simply click the button that looks like a funnel in the upper left-hand side of your screen.


At the top of the filter menu, you will notice the “Saved” section. This is where your saved filters will be located (more on that later).

And below that list, you will see ALL the options you can use to filter your calendar.

Here’s a breakdown of each category:

  • Color Label: Select the color label (or labels) you want to see.
  • Type: Find any of your marketing projects, articles, blog posts, social messages, tasks, events or notes.
  • Editor: Sort by type of integrations you want to see (ie. Evernote docs, Google docs. etc).
  • Team Member: Select which team members you want to see on the calendar (if you have more than one user).
  • Status: Find any items marked as Draft, Pending Review, Scheduled, or Published.
  • WordPress: Sort by author, category, and post type.
  • Calendar Display Settings: Decide if you want your calendar to include weekends, project timelines, team tasks, social messages, and how many weeks you want to be able to view at one time. (yay!)

Plus, your filter menu is customized to meet YOUR needs.

For instance, if you aren’t connected to WordPress or haven’t connected any social accounts, neither of those categories will be displayed in your filter menu. (Which keeps your menu free from unnecessary clutter.)

So to sum it up, not only can you filter your calendar to meet your needs (with a clean, customized filter menu, might I add), you end up formatting it the way that works best for you…

…allowing you to focus on the content that actually matters (and find it WAY faster).

Which means…

…you’re going to be a productivity powerhouse.

And that’s gonna be awesome.



Eliminate The Tedious Process of Filtering Your Calendar AGAIN and AGAIN

So now that it’s much easier to filter (and format) your calendar…

….you’re ready for a productivity party, right?!

Hold up.

Let’s get real for a second.

The process of filtering your calendar…well, it isn’t exactly fun.

It can actually be pretty annoying.

And what if there is a specific view you use all the time?

That means you have to apply the same set of filters again, and again, and again…just to find your content.


But luckily…

…you DON’T have to do that anymore…

…thanks to CoSchedule’s newest feature, Saved Calendar Views. 

Saved Calendar Views in CoSchedule

With Saved Calendar Views (available on all Team Pro Plans), you can eliminate the tedious process of filtering your calendar AGAIN and AGAIN.

Simply drill down into your favorite view (just one time!), and save your filter for quick + convenient access whenever you need it.


So, let’s dive into a few examples that show how a small marketing team, a marketing company, AND an agency can use saved calendar views to cut down on wasted time (and eliminate a few headaches):

Example A: Small Marketing Team

If you’re a supervisor and want to get a grasp on each person’s workload, easily create a saved calendar view for each team member. Or if you need to check content every night, create a view that shows any items labeled as “Pending Review” without going through the *entire* filtering process.

Example B: Marketing Company

If you are a company who has multiple teams on the same calendar, simply create a saved calendar view for each team, so everyone can easily jump into their work versus wasting time searching the main calendar for their team-specific content.

Example C: Agency

Now you can create a saved calendar view of each client’s respective content so you can seamlessly switch between accounts (and keep your head from spinning in the process).

So regardless of who you are OR how you use your calendar, saved calendar views are here to make your life easier.

The best part?

You can even filter your saved calendar views.

Yep, you can get even MORE specific.

*fist pump*

And once you’ve found the detail you need, you can either reset your calendar view, create a new one (because you realized a different view was also super helpful), or update the current view.


And you guessed it…you can have as many saved calendar views as you want.

Plus, drag and drop your saved views into the order that works best for you, and easily access them at the top of your filter menu.


Basically, saved calendar views are going to eliminate all the tedious filtering, and take your productivity (and efficiency) to the next level.

And that’s something to get excited about.


Jump Into Your Projects Faster With Saved Calendar Views

Your master calendar view is…well, overwhelming to say the least.

Literally every piece of content, every task, AND every deadline is all up in yo’ face.

Because you’re busy!

Which is great…but it’s also pretty stressful.


But with saved calendar views, now you can jump right into whatever view YOU want (instead of your jam-packed master view).



Which means you don’t have to start your day by applying filters to your master calendar (cuz that’s lame)…

…instead, you can start your day with 1 click (instead of 7) and get to work right away with the calendar view you ended on yesterday.

Talk about starting your day on the right (and very productive) foot.


So, with the updated filter menu and the ability to create saved calendar views…your calendar is as personalized as ever.

Coupled with the recently launched Custom Color Labels, you now have the ability to completely customize your calendar…so it works best for you.

We want CoSchedule to be the #1 marketing calendar for everything YOU need organized…

…and that includes organizing your calendar the way YOU want.

Because at the end of the day, it’s about moving projects forward…

…not wasting time searching for content.

It’s about getting super organized so you can get as much done as possible.

And with CoSchedule…

…now you can.


About the Author

Product Marketing Specialist @CoSchedule + popcorn connoisseur. Favorite things: Southern food, creative thinking + board games.

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