Implementing CoSchedule: Learn to take control of your marketing process
Implementation Chapter 2: Take Control of Your Process With Your Marketing Calendar
Getting Started with Your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

Implementation Chapter 2: Take Control of Your Process With Your Marketing Calendar

Get Your Process in Order

When your marketing team suffers from a lack of process, it can feel like things are out-of-control.

You have no idea what’s going on, who’s doing what, and when things are going live. In this chapter, you’re going to learn how to use your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar to get a solid marketing process in place.

Step 1: Change The Status of a Project

Project cards can help you track what phase each project is currently in. This helps you better prioritize your work and lets you see what’s currently being worked on.

project status

To change the status of a project:

  1. Click a project card on your calendar.
  2. Click the status button in the top right-hand corner to move a project forward.

status button

Step 2: Choose Your Color Labels

Color labels are the most powerful way to add visual organization to your calendar. Here are some of the most popular ways to organize your color labels.

color label organization examples

Step 3: Apply Color Labels to Your Marketing Calendar

To set up color labels:

  1. Click the hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner
  2. Toggle down your name.
  3. Choose calendar settings.

Color labels menu

add at least two color labels to your calendar

After you’ve set up color labels, you can apply them to your projects to visually distinguish between different projects on your calendar.

color label on calendar card

Bonus Step: Apply Additional Metadata to Your Projects

Aside from color labels, there are additional descriptors you can add to your projects for even better visibility.


Tags build an added layer of information on top of your color labels. This helps you quickly see from the project card which projects contribute to various goals, target audiences, or initiatives.

tags on calendar cards

Here are some popular tags to add to your projects.

popular tags

To add tags to your projects, navigate to your calendar settings. Tags are located under your color labels.

Only Owners, Managers, and Admins can add or edit templates (social, task, project, marketing campaign templates). Templates vary based on what’s available to you in your plan.”


Project descriptions clarify more details about a project. This helps team members quickly understand how to create successful content that meets expectations.

description calendar card

Descriptions can be added by clicking “More Options” when creating a new project.

More options

Go to your calendar