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Agency Toolkit

The Agency Toolkit for CoSchedule includes all of our white label features so you can customize your reports and read-only calendars with a different logo for each client.

Note: The Agency Toolkit is available in our Marketing Calendar and Marketing Suite.

Create New Clients

To assign Clients to read-only items and reports, go to Calendar Settings > Agency Toolkit. To get started with the Agency Toolkit, click Add New Client.

Once you create your clients, they will show up under the Clients tab. Click  to Edit or Delete any client.

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Assign Clients to Read-Only Items

The Read-Only section will display all Read-only calendars, marketing campaigns, projects, and social campaigns. To assign a client to a read-only item, hover over the item and click . Select the client and click Save. To share any Read-Only item, click .

When you share a read-only calendar or content item, your client’s name and logo will be displayed in the top-left hand corner.

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Assign Clients to Saved Reports

The Reports section will display all shareable analytics reports. To assign a client to an analytics report, hover over the report and click. Select the client and click Save. To download any report, click .

When you download the report, the client’s name and logo will be added to the cover page.

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