How To Adopt CoSchedule With This Simple Change Management Process

How To Adopt CoSchedule With This Simple Change Management Process 70

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How to Adopt CoSchedule With This Simple Change Management Process

Odds are you’ve been managing your projects, campaigns, workflows, team communication, reporting, and more in non-marketing tools.

And you’ve got spreadsheets for days.

So. Many. Spreadsheets.

You’ve been weighed down with single-solution tools that do one thing… but they don’t integrate…

❌ You use Asana or Wrike for project management.
❌ You’ve got Hootsuite or SproutSocial for social publishing.
❌ You’ve got Google calendar, docs, or a spreadsheet for your editorial calendar.
❌ And of course endless email threads.

We call this “Makeshift Marketing” and this is the problem marketers like you face every day.

Fortunately, it’s also the problem that CoSchedule solves.  

^^^ does this look familiar?

It’s a perfect visual of Makeshift Marketing. So, if you’re stuck wasting time, missing deadlines, and without visibility into ALL of your marketing details…

…it’s time for CoSchedule.

Why is seeing it all in one place important?

Marketers who organize their marketing strategy AND plan are 538% more successful than those who don’t.  

Want another reason?

Marketers who organize their process & workflow to create a scalable & repeatable process are 466% more successful than those who don’t.  

Now that you’ve chosen CoSchedule, you will solve each of these problems!

Why This Post Is For You

Based on our experience working with 10,000+ users, customers & organizations like you, this post is a guide to fast-track your success with CoSchedule.

Carve aside one hour today to implement these action items so you can save 75 minutes per week, per team member and start meeting your deadlines.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. How to learn CoSchedule in record time
  2. How to set goals to for your team (and which goals to set)
  3. How to enable action on your most important projects

As a bonus, you can also download this free slide deck to help you successfully onboard your team to CoSchedule.

Now let’s get started.

#1. Schedule A Demo With A CoSchedule Expert

Even though lots of people hate their banks, most will never switch.


Because switching banks is a long, detail-oriented, and exhausting process...

...and sometimes, switching to a new system, process, or software tool can feel the same way.

The best news is that switching to CoSchedule does not have to be this way!

Believe it or not, it can be fast, seamless, and pleasant.

That's why the first step in your change management process is scheduling a marketing demo of CoSchedule.

^^^ This is also super helpful even if you're not a user or in a trial right now.

You will meet with a CoSchedule expert who will:

  • Understand the dynamics of your team and organization
  • Learn about your current challenges and workflows
  • Show you what problems CoSchedule can fix immediately
  • How CoSchedule will simplify, streamline, and automate your current processes
  • Save you tons of time learning the tool by yourself

Seriously, in just 30 minutes, you can learn exactly what your new marketing life could look like with CoSchedule.

Manage Marketing Workflows With CoSchedule

#2. Set Goals For Your Team

Next, it's time to set goals for your team.

Mountains of research has been conducted on the benefits of goal setting.

For example, this Harvard study begins with a landmark example...

On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced a goal: America would put a person safely on the Moon before the end of the decade. Many thought this was impossible. To people’s amazement, Kennedy’s ambitious goal was achieved on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon’s surface. In this context, JFK’s initial goal setting guided and motivated Neil Armstrong’s giant step for mankind.

So, let's talk about how to take one small step for your team and one giant leap for your company's ROI!

The above study defines goal setting as "the process of establishing an outcome (a goal) to serve as the aim of  one's actions." And it offers two major benefits of goal setting.

Setting goals increases motivation.

Research shows giving people specific goals is far more motivating than simply telling them to "do your best."

Setting goals increases achievement.

This is shown by literally hundreds of studies that found setting goals increase success rates in diverse settings...

...from business to education to personal wellness.

The same will hold true for your team's adoption of CoSchedule.

Your Goals For CoSchedule Adoption

So, what should your goals look like?

Our customer success team has analyzed thousands of our most successful customer accounts. From that analysis, they recommend these goals as a great starting place.

Along with each goal, you will finish two short sentences:

We are setting this goal because [your answer].

Our team will complete this goal by [required actions].

When you outline both the "why" and "how" your team will accomplish these goals, motivation and clarity will increase.

Goal #1: Everyone on our team will log in to CoSchedule daily.


Everyone on our team will log in to CoSchedule daily.

You want CoSchedule to become the new normal for your entire team and eliminate your old status quo. This mean it needs to become a habit. By logging in every day, your team will establish using the tool as a habit AND benefit from the bird's eye view of seeing everything in one place.

This gets your team on the same page and working from one version of truth every single day.

Goal #2: Our marketing manager will plan out the next four weeks of content.

Our marketing manager will plan out the next four weeks of content.


For many marketers, even planning one week ahead sounds like a dream. However, not only is getting four (or more) entirely possible, it can completely transform your results... Like it did for Pat Flynn and the Smart Passive Income team.

Seeing exactly what's coming up will clarify deadlines and enable higher-quality work. Get that calendar filled with content (even ideas are okay at this point) and get motivated to execute.

Goal #3: Our marketing manager will outline a minimum of two use cases for CoSchedule.

Our marketing manager will outline a minimum of two use cases for CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is so much more than a blog management tool... A social media posting tool... An email marketing tool... A marketing project management tool...

It's a marketing management platform built to organize your entire marketing program in one place. To get the most out of CoSchedule, outline your primary use cases — and start with at least two.

For example, your use cases might be:

  1. Blog, email, and content management
  2. Project workflows and management
  3. Social media scheduling and reporting

By outlining your use cases, it makes it crystal clear how CoSchedule will be used and what old tools, systems, or processes it will replace.

Goal #4: Our marketing or project managers will create task templates for three or more common processes.

Our marketing or project managers will create task templates for three or more common processes

How nice would it be to never create, share, and manage another project to-do list ever again?

^ that's how.

By using the powerful task templates in CoSchedule, you can save hours for everyone involved in every project or campaign.

Supercharge your marketing workflows by outlining common processes that can be automated.

For example, our marketing team publishes at least two blog posts per week. Because we have a defined process for this important part of our marketing program, it's extremely helpful to be able to assign everyone's tasks with just a click!

For example, here's what our blog workflow looks like:

Example of a Task Template in CoSchedule

Now we're talking...

Your processes may be simpler or more complex than ours. Whatever thy look like, your marketing manager should outline at least three of them for your team.

Goal #5: Our marketing or social media manager will schedule at least one automated report.

Our marketing or social media manager will schedule at least one automated report.

Last, quality analytics are paramount for us digital marketers. And CoSchedule is here to help with that.

That's why this final goal is simply to automate at least one report.

Typically these will be social media engagement or team performance reports.

Here is a list of current reports you can run and then automate in CoSchedule.

Your "Team Performance Report" will show how efficient your team has been working. This will let you see workload by team member, missed deadlines, and areas for optimization.

Your "Social Engagement Report" will (not surprisingly) show your cumulative social media engagement across all networks over a defined period of time. And like all other reports, it can be automated and sent to any stakeholder or team member.

Now that you've set your goals, it's time to lead the charge and accomplish them!

#3. Enable Action On Your Most Important Projects

The final step is to help your team use CoSchedule to take immediate action. It's time to get everyone on your team working on the most important projects.

This step springboards nicely from Goal #2 above.

Write down at least five projects your team is expected to deliver in the next month. Write in: project name, project deadline, and start date.


You may have written down anything from events to email marketing campaigns. Regardless of what your marketing project load looks like, it's time to manage these starter projects in your new favorite tool...

CoSchedule 🤩

Your Action Item

Add the projects you wrote down in your exercise into CoSchedule (or do so once you have a trial or subscription).  Then assign the workflows created in Goal #4.

You'll immediately notice an improvement in productivity and organization — especially when you base work on number of days from publish.

This will help you eliminate the cluster of last-second fire drills that become the norm 🔥

Bringing Your Simple Change Management Process Together

If you want to bring this change management process together, get completely organized, and lead your team to the best results of your career, your next step is to start at the beginning.

Schedule your free marketing demo of CoSchedule with an expert.

Ask every question you can think of. Get specific about your goals. And learn how to quickly achieve them with CoSchedule.

The ONLY marketing management platform built for marketers — by marketers.

In just 30 minutes, you can see how to get an eagle-eye view of every piece of content, all your campaigns, and each project in one place.

Manage Marketing Workflows With CoSchedule

About the Author

Jordan is a content marketing strategist at CoSchedule. He loves the nitty-gritty on topics like video marketing, copywriting, and waffle making—the latter being most key to his work. When not creating content or breakfast food, he likes to mountain bike, play music, and travel with his family.

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