How To Pitch Using CoSchedule To Organize Your Marketing To Your Boss

How To Pitch Using CoSchedule To Organize Your Marketing To Your Boss

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This is How to Pitch Using CoSchedule to Organize Your Marketing to Your Boss


So you’re convinced CoSchedule is THE tool for you.

You’ve done the research…

You’ve set up your calendar…

You’ve got your team fired up

…and now you’re ready to get some REAL work done.

Only problem: convincing your boss to hand over that company card — willingly :)

While you might see CoSchedule as your personal LIFESAVER, convincing your boss that it’s worth the coin, may take a bit more finesse.

Thankfully, as a marketer….

You have a KNACK for selling (like it or not, it’s what you do) and this scenario is no different.

In order to sell CoSchedule to your boss…

You gotta’ speak in terms they care about: money, time, and results.

So, from one marketer to another, here are three key talking points to get your boss onboard.

CoSchedule SAVES You Time

Stats for an average work week

Your time is valuable, and as a savvy marketer with intelligent, creative, and highly sought after skills, energy spent on mundane, repetitive tasks are a time suck.

According to Mckinsey reports, the average worker spends 28% of their work week managing emails, plus an additional 20% looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.

That’s nearly HALF of your week spent trying to coordinate on a project!? Time you could’ve spent actually moving forward on your projects...driving traffic to your blog...generating leads for your company...anything!

Mini Exercise for Your Boss:

Imagine a world where....

You eliminate information silos (and hours of unnecessary meetings)….

You easily share files, comments, and project details with everyone on the team (never missing an important detail because someone forgot to hit “reply all” or the file simply “disappeared”)...

And you get projects done wicked fast, driving TONS of traffic, and LEADS to your website…

Too good to be true?... think again.

With CoSchedule, all your marketing happens in ONE PLACE. You can eliminate the email threads, multiple files shared in multiple areas, and keep everyone on the same page...

...literally saving you 20 hours, EVERY week.

That’s 20 hours you can be utilizing to:

  • Write a 2000 word blog post that generates 20% more subscribers
  • Publish and manage FB ads that drive the RIGHT leads back to your site
  • Write a landing page that spreads the NEWS about your podcast series
  • Host a webinar teaching your audience “How to Market Your Business on X Topic”
  • Create a mini-video series to share (and nurture) your email list
  • Or build out a promotion plan for your NEXT ebook

How to Save 20 Hours a Week With CoSchedule

The point is...

By saving time on the mechanics, you give yourself (and your team) the ability to work on what MATTERS, move projects forward, and SHIP faster.

CoSchedule Pays for Itself

In addition to time, CoSchedule pays for itself in real $$$...

Like Nathan pointed out last week, a salary of $60,000 a year earns you about $30/hour.
When you spend more than one hour manually doing something a tool could do, you are wasting productivity (and $30 to boot).

Here are the $$$ facts for CoSchedule...

  1. You could manually research the best times to post your social messages every time you have a new piece of content to share. OR you could use Best Time Scheduling and ReQueue to automate your social posting schedule and use those 2-3 extra hours for writing MORE content that gets you MORE traffic.
  2. You could manually schedule out your social messages one at a time. Or you could use Social Templates to automatically (and intelligently) build out a social schedule that promotes your content over a 30 day time frame. AKA do the work once and let CoSchedule manage the mechanics… again, giving you another 2 hours to do lead generation, host a webinar, etc.
  3. And lastly, you could use a spreadsheet as your marketing calendar and email threads as your collaboration tool. Or you could use CoSchedule to organize every project in one place, communicate with your team, and assign tasks to complete work super efficiently (again, saving you almost 48% of your work week).

Now, the time you spend on these items above may differ, but even if we take a conservative number of let’s say, 8 hours (1 hour of researching best times for posting, 2 hours of scheduling social messages, and 5 hours of collaboration, planning, and organizing every week)...

How much time could three CoSchedule features save you?

That’s $240 your boss is paying you, to do something CoSchedule could be doing with supergenius efficiency. It would take a small army of highly talented (and under-compensated) marketing interns to do what CoSchedule does!

Which brings me to your next talking point...

ALL the COOL KIDS Are Doing It

Lastly, if your boss cares anything about their ROI (which if they care about $$, then they do), this last talking point is all about highlighting the reality…

All the cool kids are doing it (and driving TONS of business) -- so you should too!

CoSchedule helps more than 7,200+ marketing teams get organized.

CoSchedule organizes nearly 7,200+ marketers around the world

From leaders like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Michael Hyatt, and Jay Baer of Convince & Convert to stellar teams, including:

  • Forbes
  • ConvertKit
  • WEX
  • Procter & Gamble
  • and more!

CoSchedule is the #1 marketing calendar for everything you need organized!

And the effects of getting organized are no joke. Here are just a few real life stories:

Pat Flynn - Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income
Prior to CoSchedule (and hiring an amazing editor), Smart Passive Income’s editorial process was rather scrappy. CoSchedule got us ORGANIZED. And in less than two months, we had 4 months worth of content on the calendar, had a 34% increase in subscribers, AND 15% more traffic to our site! Consistency is key! And CoSchedule makes that possible.

Matt Ankeny - Gear Patrol

Matt Ankeny from Gear Patrol
We publish seven days a week, averaging 12 to 15 articles a day and 2 to 4 recap posts on the weekend. Staying organized is key! Making sure people know what is expected of them, and can get their work done on time is a huge factor….with CoSchedule as our production manager, Gear Patrol is able to empower our writers with enough structure to manage multiple projects at once, while also giving them the flexibility and autonomy to get their jobs done.

Tara Clapper - SEM Rush

Tara Clapper from SEMrush
When I started, we didn’t have CoSchedule. We had one paper calendar. And as time moved on and we were doing 6 blog posts a day, I was like, “No way! We can’t do six posts a day on one calendar. There’s no way for me to assign things to be pushed on social media or to direct people to do anything.” I was an editor without a lot of editorial control....CoSchedule’s been huge in streamlining the process, keeping me organized, and empowering me to wear so many hats in an international organization.

Let’s get you organized, shall we?

Be Empowered

april pizza

You know CoSchedule will get you organized. You know consistency, structure, and automating the manual work is what sets the stage for 10x growth. And now you have the stats to prove it.

Remember, you’re a rock star marketer and selling is your forte. Get inside your boss’s head and speak his or her language: money, time, and results.

  • Time: CoSchedule saves you (and your company) 20 hours every week. Thus, freeing you up to do REAL work and make a serious impact on your company’s bottom line.
  • Money: CoSchedule will give you more productive time to generate results. Remove the tedious, repetitive work you do every week, and suddenly CoSchedule is paying you every MONTH. Cha-ching! See your potential savings using our ROI Calculator.
  • Results: Getting your content to produce results (like above ^^) isn’t a mystery. It comes down to a series of repeatable steps. A game plan. And CoSchedule is where that game plan begins.

Ready? Go.

Interested in trying CoSchedule? Start your free 14-day trial now.

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Finally see all of your marketing in one place with Marketing Calendar software from CoSchedule.

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Ditch the spreadsheets for good.

Finally see all of your marketing in one place with Marketing Calendar software from CoSchedule.

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Bring together your emails, blog posts, events, and the rest of your marketing with Marketing Calendar software from CoSchedule.