Sub-calendar Views in CoSchedule

Sub-calendar Views

Segment projects and campaigns on your calendar in an uncluttered, filtered view – showing you exactly what you want to see quickly.

Here are the most popular sub-calendar views teams add to their calendars.

Project Type

Sometimes you need to see the cadence of specific projects – i.e. email marketing, social media, blog posts, etc. Create a sub-calendar view for certain project types to make sure you’re hitting your publishing goals and ensure projects stay aligned with your overall marketing goals.

Saved Views by Project Type:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Blog

Multiple Teams + Stakeholders

This option works well for marketing teams creating collateral and managing projects for different stakeholders – i.e. multiple departments, clients, etc.

To take full advantage of sub-calendar views for these groups, create color labels and/or tags to categorize content by team or department. Use these settings to create custom sub-calendar views.

Saved Views by Project Team: 

If you have multiple teams working in CoSchedule, create sub-calendar views for each internal team to keep things organized.

  • Content Team
  • Social Media Team
  • PR Team
  • Product Marketing Team

Saved Views by Teams with Multiple Stakeholders: 

Your team may have multiple stakeholders and/or audiences you’re trying to reach. Make sure you have a good balance of projects and social promotion for each department to keep key stakeholders happy and engaged.

  • College of Business & Public Administration
  • College of Education
  • College of Engineering & Mines
  • College of Arts & Humanities


Agencies and freelancers can create sub-calendar views for each client they work with. Now you can easily see the projects and campaigns active (and in progress) for each of your customers.

Saved Views by Clients: 

  • Client 1
  • Client 2
  • Client 3
  • Client 5
Bonus Tip: Share read-only links to these sub-calendar views with stakeholders to give them an overview of their marketing projects and social promotion.

Private Views

To get a focused view on your work, create a private sub-calendar view that includes the tasks and projects you are responsible for.

Create a filter by “Team Member” and select yourself from the list. Save it as a private view by unclicking the “Share view with my team” box. This way it won’t get added to everyone’s sub-calendar views list.

You can be creative and build as many views as your team needs to stay organized and strategic.

Now you’re ready to create your first sub-calendar view. Go to your CoSchedule calendar to get started.  

Need a little extra help? Learn how to create custom sub-calendar views in our help docs.