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The Perfect Tool For the Type A Marketing Pro

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The Old Way

Tirelessly Tracking Down Every Moving Piece of A Project

With so many moving parts AND a dozen (and a half) tasks associated with each piece. Staying on track and meeting your deadlines can be...well, challenging.

The Old Way
The New Way

Manage Every Marketing Campaign in ONE Place

Get your entire marketing campaign organized in one place, so you can move projects forward not tirelessly track them down!

The New Way

Manage Your Marketing Campaigns with CoSchedule

How It Works
Step 1
Step 1

Create ONE marketing project for a major campaign.

Step 2
Step 2

Add every moving piece into your Marketing Project.

Step 2
Step 3

Focus on execution, moving forward, and meeting deadlines!

Stop tirelessly tracking down EVERYTHING on the calendar.

CoSchedule marketing projects screenshot.

"CoSchedule keeps our ever-expanding team moving forward on projects AND in-sync. We love its calendar view, the ability to edit everything (and anything), and its task/project management capabilities. It’s given us the ability to structure and execute on time-bound activities."

Kyle Deewerdt, Apprenda
Kyle Deewerdt

Consolidate everything. Maximize your resources. Get sh*t done.

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