Ditch ContentCal & Adobe Express: Explore This Better Alternative for Scheduling Your Content

Adobe acquired ContentCal in December 2021 for a speculated $100 million. In 2023, Adobe is discontinuing ContentCal as of March 31, 2023. CoSchedule has hosted many demo meetings with prior ContentCal customers who are looking to migrate away from Adobe. We’ve heard Adobe plans to force ContentCal customers into its Adobe Express suite. ContentCal is going away. The thing is, Adobe Express isn’t necessarily a content calendar solution. This piece is for those exploring ContentCal alternatives to help you find the best replacement tool options. If you’re ready to see Marketing Suite in action, schedule your demo now.

CoSchedule Marketing Suite

CoSchedule Marketing Suite is a family of agile marketing tools that help you complete more work, deliver projects on time, and prove marketing team value to stakeholders. The following information is meant to help you understand how CoSchedule Marketing Suite compares to ContentCal as a viable alternative:

Social Media Connections (Called Integrations In Marketing Suite)

ContentCal offered Facebook and Instagram connections. Marketing Suite integrates with Facebook and Instagram, too, along with many more social media networks:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
For social media, Marketing Suite also has a handy feature to help you import many social media messages from a spreadsheet easily. Bulk import options are available for content and projects, too. Like ContentCal, Marketing Suite can @ mention in social media posts. Marketing Suite supports alt text as well. If you were a fan of snippets in ContentCal, Marketing Suite offers similar functionality. We call them Social Helpers, and you can use them for text (like hashtags), images, and videos. Social Helpers pare really well with Social Templates, which allow you to create reusable social media sharing plans. ContentCal’s Web Clipper is also similar to Marketing Suite’s Social Media Curator browser extension. Should you ever need to pause your calendar like ContentCal, Marketing Suite has similar functionality we call Pause Social Media Sending.

Other Connections (Called Integrations In Marketing Suite)

In addition to social media connections, Marketing Suite connects well with Google Workplace products. This empowers your team to create, edit, comment, and approve content in progress easily:
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Analytics
If you’re a Microsoft shop, Marketing Suite connects with OneDrive, too. Like ContentCal, Marketing Suite integrates with Zapier as well.

Post States (Called Custom Statuses In Marketing Suite)

CoSchedule Marketing Suite has functionality that compares with ContentCal’s “post states”. ContentCal allowed post states for:
  • Draft
  • Pending approval
  • Approved
  • Published
  • Failed
  • Pinboard
The alternative functionality in CoSchedule Marketing Suite is called Custom Statuses. With this feature, you may write as many states as you’d like. You may then apply these Statuses to Projects. We suggest a best practice to organize a group of social media posts in a Project Type we call a Social Campaign. This way, you may apply a Status to the series of posts at the Project level. This empowers you to write and approve a campaign of social messages as a whole unit rather than individual posts to save time.

Articles (Called Project Types In Marketing Suite)

CoSchedule Marketing Suite allows you to customize all of the types of content you want to see on your content calendar. So whether it’s Social Campaigns, Blog Posts, Emails, or maybe something more specific to your organization like Product Announcements, you can create and define these easily. In this way, CoSchedule Marketing Suite is a complete content calendar for social media, content marketing, and email marketing use cases.

Contributions Forms (Called Request Forms In Marketing Suite)

Like ContentCal’s Contribution Forms, CoSchedule Marketing Suite empowers you to triage contributions via Request Forms.

More About CoSchedule Marketing Suite

Marketing Suite is:
  • Calendar Organizer: Calendar Organizer is marketing calendar software designed to help marketers plan, organize, and execute their campaigns. The tool provides a visual and centralized platform for teams to manage their marketing campaigns, tasks, and deadlines, enabling them to stay on track and meet their goals.
  • Content Organizer: Content Organizer is content organization software to triage, create, and promote your content. This tool optimizes your request and project intake processes, helps you create and optimize content, and reach your audience with advanced social media targeting options.
  • Work Organizer: Work Organizer is team collaboration and work management software to automate marketing workflows. The tool provides task management and automation, workflow approvals, and other features that enable governance and accountability.
  • Asset Organizer: Asset Organizer is digital marketing asset management software designed to help marketers centralize and organize their digital assets such as images, videos, documents, and more. The tool allows teams to store, categorize, and access their assets from a single location, eliminating the need for multiple storage solutions and manual file searches.
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