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Pinterest denied publishing social message because limit was reached

Below are details about a feature or functionality that is no longer offered in new subscriptions starting after January 13, 2021.

Why did I receive this error?

Your Pinterest account is receiving an error about reaching its limit. What this means is that, according to Pinterest, your Pinterest profile has hit the daily limit for the number of times it can do things like publishing pins, selecting boards, reporting analytics, and so on.

What should I do to resolve this?

These limits are set by Pinterest, which means that unfortunately, CoSchedule is unable to resolve this error. We do, however, have some things that you can try to see if you can get your Pinterest messages publishing again!

First, reschedule your original Pinterest message for 24 hours from the time it was originally scheduled. This will allow any 24-hour limits to reset.

If you’re still having issues after you’ve rescheduled your message, we’d recommend performing a hard reauthentication to your Pinterest profile.

  1. Go to your Pinterest Settings page on
  2. At the bottom, locate CoSchedule in the Apps section of Settings and click Revoke Access.

  3. Once you have revoked access, go back to your calendar and create a test message under the Pinterest account that you have revoked access from. Make sure the message is scheduled to go out immediately. (You can do this by selecting the time in your social message, and setting that to ‘Right Now’).

  4. If you revoke access, the message will automatically fail and not be posted to your Pinterest account. After the message fails, go to Settings > Social Profiles and complete the re-authentication process.

How do I prevent this error from happening in the future?

Unfortunately, there is nothing that CoSchedule can do to push messages through once you’ve hit your Pinterest limit. Technically speaking, this is because CoSchedule is a third-party using Pinterest’s API. If you have any questions about hitting your limit, we would encourage you to reach out to the Pinterest support team.

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