Why Can’t I Connect My Personal Facebook Profile?

We are no longer able to connect personal Facebook profiles to CoSchedule due to Facebook deprecating the permission that grants third-party applications access to publish posts to Facebook as the logged-in user. You can review the information posted by Facebook for more details. Due to this change, you will not be able to connect personal Facebook Profiles to CoSchedule as of July 13, 2018.

Converting Your Facebook Personal Profile to a Facebook Page

In addition to CoSchedule continuing to support Facebook Pages, there are other benefits to converting your personal Facebook Profile to a Page. Once you have converted your Facebook Profile to a Page you will need to connect the new Page to CoSchedule.
Note: When connecting your Facebook Page to CoSchedule you may be prompted to authorize with your Personal Profile. This process will not affect your Personal Profile, it will simply allow you to select the Facebook Page(s) you wish to connect to CoSchedule.