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How to Reauthenticate a Social Profile

Reauthenticating a social profile is needed when a social network’s token expires or you change the password for one of your social profiles.

This reauthentication will make sure that your social profile and CoSchedule are communicating correctly again. If you have messages that have failed due to reauthentication errors, those messages will need to be rescheduled.

Note: Marketing Calendar Free plans are limited to 2 social profiles. To add more social media profiles, upgrade to Marketing Calendar Pro.

Reauthenticate Your Social Profile

  1. Go to your Social Profiles page within CoSchedule.
  2. On the Social Profiles page, you will see an error message on the social profile you need to reauthenticate.
  3. Go into the Social Profile’s advanced page.
  4. Click Reconnect Account to start the process of reconnecting your social profile.

Note: Working with Facebook Business Manager and reauthenticating a Page? Make sure you are an Admin at the Facebook Page level before trying to reauthenticate. To check out your page role, go here.

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