Why Didn’t My Social Messages Publish?

We make six attempts to send your social messages. If a message does not send, we will determine if it was a soft or hard failure, and notify all users who are Admins on the calendar with an email. The email will briefly explain what happened and the solution necessary to correct the issue. You will also see social messages that did not send indicated in red on your calendar. When social messages fail to publish as you expected, there are different reasons this may occur.

You may have hit a publishing limit for that network

Some social networks have limits on how often you can publish to them each day. You can read about these limits here. If you have hit the daily limit, you will need to wait until the next day to send your messages.

An incorrect WordPress timezone setting will cause social messages to publish incorrectly

CoSchedule relies upon the time settings you use in WordPress. Be sure that you have the correct time zone selected in your WordPress installation, or the hour your social message is published may be off. To access your time zone settings, go to the Settings > General section of your WordPress dashboard, and locate the time zone settings area. Use this guide to help you choose the correct settings.

You need to reauthenticate your social media account

There are times when you will need to reauthorize your account.
  • You have changed the login/password information for a social account.
  • The auth token for a social account has expired for other reasons
You can reauthorize from Settings > Social Profiles, then click Reconnect.

Your message is set to Draft status

Your social message may not have been sent because it was still set to Draft. Changing the status of the message to Scheduled or Published will set your message to go live immediately or in the future, depending upon what you've chosen as a publishing time.

Your published Project post had a date/time in the past or set after the publish time of your social messages

You may have had a publishing date and time set for your Project which was in the past and created all of your social messages along with it. If you publish the post without updating the date and time to be current and use the old timestamp instead, your social messages will not send. This is because the post will have been published "in the past" and your messages that were scheduled to go out at the same time as the post will show an error. To fix this simple issue you can do one of two options:
  1. Go into WordPress or CoSchedule calendar and change the Project date and time today at the current time.
  2. Reschedule your social messages to send on a hard date and time that's set before the current time.
Both options will work. The first option will not affect your post in any way, and will automatically send your messages quickly. The updated time you choose must be within 15 minutes or so of the current time for your messages to send.

The social network experienced downtime or other issues

At times, social networks experience issues out of our control. These are called soft failures. They might include such things as a message with too many characters, an invalid link in the message that the network won't accept, or even a hiccup on the server. Here are a few common issues:
  • Facebook API blinked and missed something
  • Facebook invalid link
  • Facebook API request limit reached
  • Facebook API server problem
  • Facebook API unknown problem
Each network has different issues it may experience. Back To Top