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Known WordPress Plugin Conflicts

Occasionally CoSchedule runs into conflicts with other plugins on your WordPress site. The solution to these conflicts is often to disable the identified plugin. Official WordPress Plugin

The Official WordPress Plugin will cause a conflict when using Google UTM tags. Since the link is already shortened when it enters the CoSchedule system, the UTM tags that are added will not do anything. Use CoSchedule’s Bitly Integration instead.

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Disable XML-RPC Pingback

The Disable XML-RPC Pingback plugin prevents CoSchedule from making requests to your blog. Disabling this plugin will allow CoSchedule to send and receive information from your WordPress blog.

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Easy PayPal Custom Fields

The plugin Easy PayPal Custom Fields prevents us from saving posts to WordPress and blocks incoming requests. Currently, the only solution to this is to deactivate the Easy Paypal Custom Fields plugin.

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The Easy WP SEO plugin is not available in the WordPress plugin gallery but is a plugin that some users have downloaded and installed. This plugin is incompatible with CoSchedule. If you would like to use an SEO plugin with CoSchedule, there are several excellent options that do not cause any conflict with CoSchedule, such as WordPress SEO by Yoast.

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iThemes Security

iThemes currently disrupts connectivity to CoSchedule. However, it can be easily fixed with a change to the plugin’s settings. For a fix, check out this page to learn how to fix the connection error.

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The PilotPress plugin adjusts core WordPress user permissions to allow for customized user roles within a blog. This causes problems when CoSchedule attempts to sync post data to WordPress because PilotPress identifies CoSchedule as an unauthenticated user.

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The Redirection plugin can interfere with the ability for CoSchedule to connect with your WordPress site. Disabling this plugin will allow CoSchedule to connect.

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Role Scoper

The WordPress plugin Role Scoper prevents CoSchedule from syncing authors and categories with WordPress. It is also no longer in active development (as of WP v3.7). The plugin page offers a few recommendations for alternative plugins.

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Root Relative URLs

The plugin Root Relative URLs prevents CoSchedule from loading the JavaScript files it needs. Disabling the plugin is the solution to this problem.

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TinyPNG Image Compressor

The TinyPNG WordPress plugin causes some Google Doc to WordPress conversions through CoSchedule to fail. Unfortunately, there is no workaround at the moment. If you’re experiencing Google Docs converting failure, you’ll need to uninstall TinyPNG plugin to resolve the issue.

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WishList Member

The WishList Member WordPress plugin causes your WordPress categories to be inaccessible. You will not see your categories listed in WordPress with this plugin activated. This membership plugin is made to restrict access to categories to specific users of a WordPress blog, and in doing so, blocks CoSchedule from connecting.

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Wordfence can prevent CoSchedule from connecting to your site. Disabling this plugin will allow CoSchedule to connect. Looking for a WordPress security that works with CoSchedule? We recommend Sucuri.

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WordPress Tweet Button

The plugin WordPress Tweet Button has known conflicts that prevent CoSchedule from accessing an endpoint used to synchronize data. Without access to this endpoint, CoSchedule will display connection errors for the calendar.

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The plugin WP-SpamShield has known conflicts that prevent CoSchedule from accessing an endpoint used to synchronize data. Without access to this endpoint, CoSchedule will display connection errors for the calendar. Enabling our Static IP and whitelisting the IP through WP-SpamShield should resolve the issue.

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