CoSchedule Deep Dive: Team Workflows

CoSchedule’s Team Workflow features will help you publish consistently, have awesome team communication, and stay accountable.

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CoSchedule Is Great for Content Teams

  • Share Your Posts On Social Media To Increase Your Blog Traffic: Schedule social media as you write and create social messages efficiently.
  • Plan Ahead And Publish Consistently: Hit every deadline with a beautiful at-a-glance calendar, not an eye-straining spreadsheet.
  • Work To Optimize Your Ever-Evolving Blog: Drag and drop your posts and automatically move dates for your tasks and social media.


What You’ll Learn In This Demo:

(2:00) The Big Idea: Publish consistently with awesome communication and accountability.

(7:14) Start organizing your content.

  • (7:48) Using the Drafts Bin.
  • (8:11) Adding content to the calendar.

(9:15) Write effective headlines with the Headline Analyzer.

(10:06) Using tasks with your content

  • (14:02) Create Task Templates to help save time when assigning work.
  • (15:49) Hold your team accountable with completed tasks views and completion percentages.
  • (16:34) CoSchedule’s processes and standard workflow template.

(24:05) Keep everyone on the same page with editorial comments and file uploads.

(25:59) Use a unique task template for each type of content you produce.

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