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Google Drive With CoSchedule

Sync Google Drive with CoSchedule to have direct access to files and content from your Google Drive accounts and easily add them to projects and/or social messages in CoSchedule.

Connecting Google Drive to CoSchedule

If this is the first time working with Google Drive or Docs inside CoSchedule, go to the Settings > Integrations page and locate Google Drive. Then click Enable and follow the steps to connecting Google Drive.

A prompt will open asking you to connect your Google Drive account to CoSchedule. (You will only need to complete this step once.) When finished, your Google Drive files will now be accessible inside of CoSchedule.

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Add Google Drive Files to a Project, Social Message, or Discussion Comment.

To add a Google Drive file, click add file in a project, social message, or comment.

The file library will open, go to the Google Drive tab. Locate and select the file you want to add, then click Save. The file will then be added to your project, social message, or comment.

Deleting a Google Drive file from a project in CoSchedule will not remove the file from your Google Drive account.

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Additional FAQ

  • You will not see Google Drive files in the Asset Organizer unless you’re in the media library in the project view.
  • File Search will search for Google Drive files as long as a file exists in a project.
  • If you update a version of an asset in CoSchedule through the Asset Organizer or on a Project, this will update it on Google Drive as well.
  • Connected Google Drive profiles’ permissions will be set at the User Profile level. This can be removed from the “Connected Services” tab in User Settings.

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