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Sync Your Calendar with CoSchedule

Keep important projects top of mind and stakeholders in the know with Calendar Sync.

Import external calendars into CoSchedule such as holidays, employee time-off, and meetings.

Export add read-only projects and/or social messages from CoSchedule to a Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Apple Calendar, or other calendar apps. Please note that since projects are read-only, tasks will not display.

Enabling Calendar ICS Sync

Go to Settings > Integrations. Click on Calendar Sync, then click Enable.

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Import Calendar ICS Feeds

Import events, holidays, and time off from your existing calendar services like Google Calendar or Outlook by clicking Add Calendar to CoSchedule and entering the ICS Calendar Link, or get started by clicking on popular feed options.

Note: CoSchedule does not support recurring events in imported calendar ICS feeds.

You can easily filter out your synced calendars from your calendar view if needed by editing your view settings:

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Export Calendar ICS Feeds

Select projects and/or the social profiles you want to sync to your preferred calendar (Outlook, Google, iCalendar, or ICS connection). Items will display two months into the future.

Exported projects are read-only, so you cannot create or control projects from your preferred calendar; that must be done in CoSchedule. However, you can see when your projects will run using the different views that Google offers you, such as day, week, month, or agenda view.

Note: You may also share read-only links of any calendar right from the calendar view. Learn more about sharing read-only calendar views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t CoSchedule data showing up instantly in my calendar?

Data will not show up in the preferred calendar immediately, as it is not a real-time connection and is at the mercy of the preferred calendar’s updating process. For example, with Google Calendar, Imported calendars in the “Other Calendar” section will, according to Google, update “every few hours.”

Why isn’t CoSchedule data appearing in my mobile app?

You may need to wait anywhere from a few hours to a 24-hour period before your preferred calendar’s mobile app picks up the changes.

If you do not see these calendars listed after you have connected them with CoSchedule on your computer, check back on your mobile app periodically. They will be available once the system syncs and updates the calendar.

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