OneDrive with CoSchedule

Integrate OneDrive with CoSchedule to have direct access to files and content from your OneDrive account within Projects, Social Messages, and Discussions.

Connect OneDrive to CoSchedule

  1. Open Settings
  2. Under the main Settings tab, click Integrations
  3. Locate and click OneDrive
  4. Click Enable and follow the steps to connect your OneDrive account
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Attach Files to Projects, Social Messages, or Discussions

  1. Within your Project, Social Message, or Discussion, click to attach a file which will open the file library
  2. Navigate to the OneDrive tab
  3. Locate and select the file you want to attach, then click Save
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Frequently Asked Questions

If I delete a OneDrive file from a CoSchedule Project, is it deleted from OneDrive?


If I update a version of an asset in CoSchedule through the Asset Organizer or a Project will it update on OneDrive as well?


Will I see OneDrive files in the Asset Organizer?

You will not see OneDrive files in the Asset Organizer unless you’re in the media library in the project view. Back To Top

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