Working with Multiple WordPress Sites

Add all your WordPress sites to one calendar. No more jumping from calendar to calendar to keep track of every WordPress site. Quickly access all your sites (and every associated task, project, and deadline) in the same calendar.

Connecting Multiple WordPress Sites

To add additional WordPress sites to your calendar, go to Settings > Integrations > WordPress. In the first step, click Add a WordPress Site. For more information on connecting your WordPress site, check out Connect Your WordPress Site To CoSchedule. Back To Top

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites on the Calendar

To create a new WordPress post, click + on the date you want to schedule a new post. Select the WordPress project type. Enter your title, add labels, owner, etc. Click the Create button when you are ready. Next, choose the site you are wanting to publish to. The post will then show up inside of the WordPress admin along with your CoSchedule calendar. If you create a post inside your WordPress admin, CoSchedule will automatically sync the post onto your calendar.
Tip: Use Saved Calendar Views to create a view for each WordPress site making the calendar easier to navigate.
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Frequently Asked Questions How many WordPress sites can I connect to a single calendar? You can add as many sites to your calendar as you'd like. I have multiple WordPress sites that are in different time zones. How do they show up on my calendar? Each CoSchedule calendar has its own timezone. You can change the timezone at any time in Settings > Calendar Settings. Depending on what time zones your WordPress sites are in, CoSchedule will calculate the difference and display the local time that is connected to your calendar. Back To Top