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Create and Open Office 365 Files in Projects

When you enable the Microsoft OneDrive integration you can create documents using Office 365 programs like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint directly in your CoSchedule calendar.

Create a New File Using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint

From your calendar, create a new project or click on a project you’d like to add a file to.

  1. Click the Office 365 logo in the attachment menu.
  2. Choose the Office 365 program you’d like to use and give your new document a name.
  3. This new file will be saved in the OneDrive account you have integrated with CoSchedule. Choose the folder you would like to save it to within OneDrive and click save.
  4. To edit your new document, click open in Office 365. This will open the online version of the program. Because the file is saved to your one Drive, you can also access it in the desktop version and all changes you make will be synced in CoSchedule automatically.

Attach an Existing File from OneDrive

Once Microsoft OneDrive is integrated with CoSchedule, you can attach files from the connected account directly to projects. Open or create the project you’d like to work with to get started

  1. Click Add Attachment and select Office 365.
  2. Click Select Document to open OneDrive. You’ll see all your existing OneDrive folders and files.
  3. Select your desired file and click save to attach it to the project.

Your file is now attached to the project and can be viewed and edited by other users directly in CoSchedule.

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