Attach Images to Social Messages

Upload images to your social media messages. Check out The Best Guide to Social Media Image Sizes Every Marketer Needs to learn more about adding images to social messages.

Attach Images to Social Messages

To upload images to a social message, click the camera icon within the social composer screen.
  • Facebook: Add up to 20 images to your Facebook messages. Facebook will store these images in the Timeline Photos folder.
  • Instagram: Instagram allows you to add up to 10 images to each post.
  • Linkedin and Pinterest: One image can be uploaded.
You can delete any image or upload a different image by clicking the X on the mini-image preview. Back To Top

Image File Types and Sizes

Each social network allows different file types and sizes. While we recommend using JPG, PNG, and GIFs to avoid upload issues or failed sent messages, you can upload TIF and BMP file types for some social networks. To see what each social network allows, view the image below.

If your image is too large, CoSchedule will resize any image that is too large for the network. Below are the limits of each social network. These limits are only for third-party schedulers. They may be different when publishing directly to the native network.
  • Facebook: 4MB
  • Instagram: 8MB
  • Pinterest: 10MB
CoSchedule will convert all oversized images to a smaller resolution to make sure we're able to publish them to that network. The original aspect ratio will be kept. Back To Top