How to Attach Videos to Social Messages

With CoSchedule, you can add videos to social messages. When posting videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Business Pages the video will publish as a native video inside of a social message. LinkedIn currently does not allow third-party apps, such as CoSchedule, to post a native video to personal profiles. Pinterest will also not post native videos.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What File Types Can I upload? With video uploading inside CoSchedule, you can upload various different file types. Right now the video file types that CoSchedule currently supports are ".mov", ".qt", ".mp4", ".m4p", ".m4v", ".mpeg", ".mpg", ".avi", ".wmv", ".flv", ".ogg", ".ogv", ".webm", and "mkv." How large can the file be? The maximum file size we allow is 1 GB. However, Twitter's max size is 512 MB. Why is my video taking awhile to process? If the video is a larger file, it will take longer to upload and process your video. What is the maximum duration of videos? The max duration is different from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Facebook must be less than 20 minutes, Twitter is 140 seconds, and Instagram is 60 seconds. There is no time limit to the other social networks since the social message will be a link to the hosted video. What should the dimensions be for the video? Each network has its own maximum dimensions allowed for a video, but we will resize a video down in order to meet those requirements. What should the height and width ratio be? Each network has restrictions on the height to width ratio of a video. Facebook is Horizontal 16:9, Portrait 9:16, Vertical 2:3, Vertical 4:5, Square 1:1. Twitter is 3:1 to 1:3. Instagram is 1.91:1 and 4:5. Unfortunately, we are unable to fix videos that are outside of these ratios. Can I upload more than one video to a social message? No, each social message can only publish one video at a time. Can I choose the thumbnail associated with my video? No, at the present time you cannot choose a thumbnail for your video in CoSchedule. Some of the social networks will allow you to do this, however. Can I add captions to my videos through CoSchedule? No, CoSchedule does not support adding captions to videos. You'll need to add captions to your video before uploading it to your social message.