CoSchedule to Deprecate Twitter Support, Conversation Inbox, Other Social Features

Update July 6, 2023

Social Analytics & Social Sync are now available in Marketing Calendar & Marketing Suite plans.

Update June 7, 2023

The CoSchedule team has been hard at work finalizing a deal with Twitter, and we are excited to restore publishing access to Twitter to all paid CoSchedule customers as of June 7, 2023.

Update May 30th, 2023

We are working on finalizing a deal with Twitter, and we anticipate that within the coming days, we will be able to restore publishing access to Twitter to all paid users. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process. Please monitor this page for updates and future announcements.

Effective April 17, 2023

You will no longer be able to use CoSchedule for managing your Twitter accounts, including scheduling tweets, monitoring social conversations, viewing messages sent by other tools on your calendar, and analyzing Twitter performance using our analytics features.

Effective May 1, 2023

You will no longer be able to use CoSchedule to monitor any social conversations through the Conversations Inbox, analyze social performance using Social Analytics, or view social messages sent from tools other than CoSchedule on the calendar using Social Sync. These changes affect all social platforms. Going forward, all social networking-based features at CoSchedule will be dedicated to publishing only. This means that you can continue publishing to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, but you will not be able to monitor conversations from those networks, reply to comments, view messages sent by other tools on your calendar, or view your social analytics data. We understand that this may be disappointing news for those of you who rely on CoSchedule for your social marketing efforts, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We have explored various options to continue supporting Twitter, and these other features, but unfortunately, a variety of factors have made it unfeasible for us to do so. If conditions with Twitter change in the future, we will re-evaluate these decisions at that time. We appreciate your continued support and understanding during this transition. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We will do our best to assist you and provide guidance on adapting your social media strategies without these features.


As you may be aware, Twitter has implemented significant changes to its API access and policies, which have resulted in negative implications for third-party applications like CoSchedule. Due to these changes, CoSchedule will no longer support a Twitter Integration in our application effective April 17, 2023. Furthermore, as a result of this decision, we will deprecate several social media features that affect all supported social networks.