Pricing Reboot, Buffer Integration, And Google+ Pages Integration

We can show you how to organize all your marketing in one place by the end of today (probably right now) 👋

Pricing Reboot, Buffer Integration, Google+ Pages Support


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Today is our largest announcement since launch. It’s a doozy, so I will break it down first, and then go into more details below. Here’s what’s new:

  1. All-new pricing. Simpler and cheaper. Only $10/month per blog.
  2. Individual social messages on the calendar.
  3. Integration with Buffer.
  4. Google+ Page support through Buffer.
  5. Lots of additional improvements.

Pricing Reboot

Pricing is hard. We’ve gone back and forth, but we’ve decided to try a completely different approach to pricing. We are getting rid of the previous tiers altogether and going to a simpler plan of $10/month per blog with no limits on users/editors. This change will allow us to take pricing concerns off the table and focus on building new features and creating value for our users. It’s simple.


Of course, as many of your know, we are committed to listening to your feedback so if you prefer the tiers and higher prices, just let us know. I kid… but seriously. :)

Individual Social Messages

Previously the only way that social messages could be added to your calendar was by attaching them to a blog post. Now, you will be able to create unlimited one-off social messages that can be added to the calendar and moved around at will. This was one of the most requested features after launch, so we are pretty excited about getting it out there.


Integration With Buffer

We would officially like to welcome Buffer to CoSchedule! Starting today, you will be able to connect your social accounts to your Buffer account and choose to add new messages to Buffer, rather than hard-scheduling them. We looked into building our own auto-publishing feature, but decided we would be better served to integrate with the best in the business. We are thrilled to make it available today.


(Click here to learn more about how Buffer integration works.)

Google+ Page Support Through Buffer

Another one of our most requested features has been Google+ support. While the Google+ API remains invite-only, we will now support Google+ Page integration through Buffer. For anyone connecting their Buffer account to CoSchedule, you will now be able to publish directly to Google+ right away, or auto-schedule with your Buffer publishing schedule.


For the most part, Google+ integration with Buffer will work like all of the other social networks we support, so if you don’t have a Buffer account this is a really good reason to get one. We think that CoSchedule plus the Buffer Awesome Plan makes the absolute perfect stocking stuffer for any blogger.

Additional Improvements

You will notice some changes to the Dashboard/Notifications panel when you log in, including a widget that lets you know about upcoming posts that have been assigned to you. There are also a ton of improvements to CoSchedule happening ‘under the hood’ including constant improvements to our social publishing engine, and overall reliability. We are also 100% WordPress 3.7 ready, so you shouldn’t hesitate in upgrading on our behalf.

Whew… it has been an intense couple of weeks. Many of these features were originally on our “must-have” list for launch, but got pushed back because of the fast-approaching deadline. So, needless to say, this sort of feels like launch 2.0 for us. With all new pricing, it may feel that way for you as well.

As a note, all current customers will be automatically moved to the new plan and receive credit for any ‘over-payment.’ I want to thank them, especially, for their patience with us as we try some new things.

As always, thanks for tagging along on our journey.

"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

Lee Hersh, Founder of Fit Foodie Finds
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