Why We Integrated With Buffer

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Why We Integrated With Buffer


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Not so long ago, we made one of our largest announcements since initially launching CoSchedule as the world’s best editorial calendar for WordPress. We announced we were integrated with Buffer from top to bottom, which not only gave us access to the Google+ network, but  also brought two of the world’s most powerful social media scheduling tools to the same place. There are a few reasons why we did it, and a lot of ways that you can use this integration to make your social media strategy better than ever before.

Buffer + CoSchedule

We’re Buffer Fans

I am going to go ahead say it – we love Buffer – plain and simple. In fact, several of us on the CoSchedule team are already members of the coveted Awesome Plan. So, it almost goes without saying that one of the reasons we included Buffer integration was to scratch our own itch. We thought it would be handy, because we felt ourselves wanting it. So, we built it in.

We Didn’t Want To Build It Ourselves

Buffer allows you to share your content at the best possible times throughout the day using a message queue. We are big believers in this sort of optimization and understood how powerful it can be. We knew that this feature needed to be a part of CoSchedule in one way or another, so rather than building something ourselves, we decided to integrate with the best.

Simply put, Buffer was an easy zero-to-60 way to bring more powerful scheduling to the content planning process. It also allowed us to put our development time into some other new features.

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What Does Buffer Do That’s So Great?

Buffer is simple. Using their scheduling tool you simply select a weekly schedule that suits you best. The schedule is fully customizable for each day of the week. For example, you may choose to send 4-6 messages per day during the week and only 2-3 on weekends. You schedule can be different for each social account.

Settings up a buffer schedule

Setup your Buffer schedule for each day of the week.

Once your schedule it set up, messages will automatically be queued and sent at the times you choose. You simply put messages in your queue and let Buffer do the rest. It’s the no-hands-on-deck social media strategy.

Buffer Social media scheduling

Buffer automatically schedules your messages according to your schedule.

CoSchedule + Buffer = Magic

With CoSchedule, we make it easier than ever to share the content that you’ve created, essentially allowing you to create your own queue of messages every time you publish a new blog post. Those messages can now be added directly to your Buffer, and seamlessly integrated with your current message strategy. The benefits are pretty clear.

social messages to Buffer

Send any social message straight to your Buffer.

  • Maintain an even spread of content, and prevent blasting multiple links at once.
  • A calendar view for Buffer and your blog. CoSchedule gives your social media plan a bird’s-eye-view that can’t be beat.
  • Save even more time scheduling your messages. There is no reason to meticulously plan out your social schedule when you can allow Buffer to do much of the heavy lifting.
coschedule plus buffer

Buffer’d posts go along side your blog on the CoSchedule calendar.

  • Maintain drag-and-drop ease for rescheduling your messages. Messages are sent to Buffer on the day they are scheduled. Until then, they are still available on your drag-and-drop calendar.
  • Easily swap between hard/soft scheduled message. Buffer-based scheduling is always optional.
  • Combine your content and social media sharing in one place.  If you already use Buffer, now your blog posts fit directly into your already running social media plan.
  • Make use of Buffer’s analytics for your messages. When you use Buffer, you can see how well your messages are doing and adjust content and schedule for improvement.



Buffer + CoSchedule simply makes social media scheduling easy, and as magical as can be. We are really excited about this partnership, and we certainly hope you are too.

How do you use your Buffer account to bring more traffic to your blog?

"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

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