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Achieve Even Better Results With Custom Reports By Service Now Available in Headline Studio

September 13, 2023

Get the reporting you need for specific platforms with custom reports now available in Headline Studio. With custom reports, you can write click-worthy headlines for every type of content you create.
  • Blog Titles
  • Podcast Episode Titles
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Youtube Titles
  • Instagram Captions
  • TikTok Captions
Use Headline Studio to increase social media engagement, make your emails stand out, and boost views on YouTube with eye-catching titles and captions! With the Headline Studio browser extension, you can analyze headlines from the page you’re on, and the extension will automatically default to the service you are working in. For example, you can easily analyze your headlines, subject lines, and titles directly from YouTube, Gmail, and WordPress.

Get Customized Reports For Each Type Of Headline

With customized reports, get tailored feedback for differing standards across platforms, including word count, character count word balance, & more! YouTube - See how titles stack up against other videos in your category and receive feedback in a video search engine format. Email - View how your subject line looks before you send to improve open rates. Blogs - Get analytics from search engine results pages (SERPs) and see how your preview looks on display. TikTok - Get creative with your captions and see how to improve content ranking using hashtags. Podcast - See how your titles previews on podcast directories and find the best ways to maximize a shorter title. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at

Available in: Headline Studio Free, Headline Studio Pro