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Announcing Newest Features In CoSchedule Calendars: August 2023

August 31, 2023
Monthly Recap

In case you missed it, check out all the new product updates & features added to CoSchedule Calendars in August 2023.

What’s New?

AI Social Assistant

With AI Social Assistant, writing social messages has never been easier. Save time and instantly draft social messages so you can focus more time on strategy and less time writing copy. Best of all, every message meets best practices for each social network, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. That way you can maximize engagement, no matter the platform. This feature is available in all CoSchedule Calendar plans. Click here to learn more.

Instagram Multi-Image Direct Publishing 

Multi-image direct publishing on Instagram business accounts is available on all CoSchedule Calendar plans. Now you can post up to 10 photos directly from your CoSchedule Calendar. Use carousel imaging to help boost engagement and make your Instagram more interactive with your audience. Click here to learn more.

Direct Publishing Available For Creator and Business Instagram Accounts 

If you have a creator or business account, now you have the option of publishing directly to Instagram or receiving push notifications. Click here to learn more.

CSV Exports In Table View

Export data from Table View into a CSV file. CSV exports allow you and your team to easily share data with others and give you the opportunity to transfer data between software applications. Once your data is in a CSV, you can manipulate, filter, and visualize your data in various ways to gain insights, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Click here to learn more.

New Calendar Plans Available

Last but not least, CoSchedule just released two new Calendar plans: Social Calendar and Content Calendar. Learn more about Social Calendar and Content Calendar today. Or review the pricing page to compare plans, feature sets, and more.   If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at