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Build Custom AI Prompts To Streamline Content Creation

April 15, 2024

Better prompts result in better content. Hire Mia's newest feature, Custom Prompts, allow you to create reusable AI-Prompt templates that are personalized for you and your brand.  With Custom Prompts, you can:

Create Better Content With Reusable Custom Prompts

Build custom prompts to quickly access key information to improve the quality of AI-generated content. Save key details including target audience, tone, brand messaging, and more to reduce the need for customizing pre-prompts every time you create a new document. 

Develop A Personalized Prompt Library

Keep reusing the same prompts over and over again? Customize and save them as Custom Prompts to access them when you need them. With your Custom Prompt library, you can stop adding repetitive details and create content faster. 

Personalize Any Of Hire Mia’s 1,100+ AI Prompts For Your Business 

Not sure where to start? Choose one of Hire Mia’s 1,100 prompt templates and personalize it for your team. Just choose a template, update your information, and save it! Ready to save time perfecting your prompts? Create Custom Prompts in Hire Mia today! Don’t have an account? Sign up for Hire Mia today!

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