Product Announcements

Contributor Updates: Improved Visibility for Project Contributors

November 5, 2021

A new update to CoSchedule Marketing Calendar and Suite improves visibility and overall experience for a contributor. If you are a contributor, you can now see the project, regardless of permissions you have access to.  A contributor is any user who is working on a project. Contributors can include owners, managers, admin, users, and guests. Contributors will be listed under the contributors tab on the right hand side of a project. This update to user role permissions also allows owners and admins to customize permissions for social media content, projects and publishing, tab access, and color label access to perfectly fit their role on the team.  Contributor status is similar for projects within a marketing campaign. If users don’t have access to the entire campaign, they can still access specific projects where they are contributors within the campaign.  Social messages and tasks can also have contributors, users must be tagged in a discussion to become a contributor. 

Available in: Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite