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Headline Studio Pro SEO Report: Boost Your Search Rankings With New SEO Functionality

June 9, 2021

New SEO functionality is now available in CoSchedule’s Headline Studio Pro! Do you know where your content ranks on Google? If you aren’t focusing on SEO, chances are your audience won’t see your content until they reach page 8...9...10...or higher. That’s a lot of time and effort wasted.

With Headline Studio Pro’s new & improved SEO Reports, EVERY headline you create has a stronger potential to rank highly in search results and reach a larger, more engaged audience. 

Whether you’re totally new to SEO or a search engine expert, Headline Studio Pro will help you easily optimize your headlines for search with these exciting new feedback categories:
  • SEO Suggestions: Get actionable suggestions for how to increase your SEO Score and potentially rank higher in search.
  • Keyword Explorer: See detailed performance data behind each of your keywords & discover which ones will perform best in your headline.
  • Keyword Quality: Find out the average quality of all the keywords in your headline and how that translates to your search rankings.
  • Keyword Density: Learn whether your keywords are specific enough to help your audience find your headline.
  • Average Monthly Searches: Find out how many people search for your keywords each month & learn how to help your headline reach a larger audience.
  • Search Competition: Find out if your headline will compete against other headlines that already exist about your keyword topic.
  • Keyword Trend: Discover whether your keywords are currently trending with audiences or if they've fallen out of popularity in the past year.
Use all of these new SEO features together to help your headlines rank higher in search results. And watch your content’s views, clicks, and conversions take off.

Start optimizing all of your headlines for search.

Log into Headline Studio now to try out the newest SEO features.  

Available in: Headline Studio Pro