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Home: Quickly Access Your Tasks, Projects, & Notifications

June 27, 2019

Your former ‚Äúdashboard‚ÄĚ is now your new Home screen. Find your upcoming tasks, latest notifications, and recent projects, so you can get to work faster.¬†

Here’s a quick overview of what will find in your dashboard: 

  • My Upcoming: Review upcoming personal tasks and project tasks alongside your planned projects for the next week.¬†
  • Completed Tasks: Access a list of your recently completed tasks.¬†
  • Notifications: Check your latest notifications; then jump-in to your project to get to work.
  • Favorite Projects: Star and prioritize your favorite projects
  • Recent Projects: Get a short-list of your most recently visited projects¬†

Learn more in our help doc. Or see it in-app. 

Available in: Individual, Startup, Growth, Professional, Enterprise