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Introducing Hire Mia’s New Training Modules For Your Brand Profile

April 29, 2024

Hire Mia added four brand new Training Modules to Brand Profiles, so you can create high-quality, personalized AI-generated content. With these Training Modules, you can ensure Mia knows all the key details about your company, products, services, locations, & more to improve your branded content.  The new Training Modules include: 

Company Profile 

The Company Profile module stores critical company information to ensure brand consistency across AI-generated content. 

Products & Services 

The Products & Services module trains Hire Mia on your business’s key products and services. This gives Mia all the information needed to easily and accurately reference them in your AI-generated content.

Business Locations

The Business Locations module allows you to catalog your physical business sites to easily customize content for specific locations.  Add key location details to generate specific content for specific campaigns, announcements, and more.  Business Location details include: 
  • Social Profiles 
  • Addresses
  • Hours of Operation 
  • And more! 

Customer Reviews 

Add the Customer Reviews training module to add your favorite customer or client testimonials and endorsements to enhance your content with social proof.   Ready to create better, on-brand content customized for your business? Update your Brand Profiles with these new Training Modules today!  Don’t have an account? Sign up. It’s free!  *Company Profile is available in all Hire Mia plans. The other three modules are available in Business & Sitewide plans. 

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