Product Announcements

Introducing New & Improved Navigation & Settings

May 13, 2022

Your navigation and settings got a refresh! The main navigation and settings section has been redesigned to be more user-friendly and easy to navigate.  Calendar Navigation Now you can quickly switch between tabs with a navigation sidebar that is accessible at all times. And settings is now available without utilizing a dropdown menu.  The Settings page has been redesigned to make the user experience more efficient. The general configuration settings now allows users to manage social messages, read-only logos, and other basic navigation.  The other sections have also been prioritized to move the most popular features to the top of the list. Features include color labels, tags, statuses, project types, and more (depending on which plan you have).  These updates will allow users to save time and stress while navigating through CoSchedule Marketing Calendar and Suite. 

Available in: Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite