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Introducing New Marketing Basics Bootcamp: The Perfect Way To Learn Crucial, In-Demand Marketing Skills

June 17, 2021

New course alert! CoSchedule’s Actionable Marketing Institute just launched Marketing Basics Bootcamp. ? Are you an entry-level marketer looking for a way to level up your skills? Or maybe you’re a business owner who wants to improve your marketing for your business?  This marketing bootcamp was designed just for you!  Get all of the details about Marketing Basics Bootcamp.

What is Marketing Basics Bootcamp? 

Marketing Basics Bootcamp is a series of 8 marketing courses designed to help you master foundational marketing skills for marketing strategy, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and more!  Unlock 48 video tutorials and 34 downloadable templates/resources that will help you learn quickly, so you can put your new marketing skills to use on day 1.  

Who should join Marketing Basics Bootcamp? 

Marketing Basics Bootcamp is perfect for any marketer, business owner, or solopreneur that wants to: 
  • Understand how their marketing can influence business goals. 
  • Drive more leads, increase conversions, and grow traffic to your blog. 
  • Develop a brand identity & messaging that attracts your target audience. 
  • Promote your mission, products, & services with a strategic marketing plan. 
  • Confidently implement new tactics - like social media, blogging, SEO, Facebook Advertising, etc. 
  • And prioritize the projects, tactics, & content that will yield the best results for your business. 

What courses are included in Marketing Basics Bootcamp? 

Develop Your Brand Strategy Define your brand strategy, value proposition, & key messaging that will help you stand out from your competition.  Create Your Marketing Plan Learn how to create a marketing plan fueled by your goals. Identify your target audience, track your goals, & plan the projects that drive results.  Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Have a blog? Learn how to grow your traffic in 5 simple steps.  Write Convincing Copy With Headline Basics Learn copywriting & SEO best practices to draft headlines that drive more traffic, clicks, shares, & better search results.  Master Content Marketing SEO Learn search engine optimization best practices to optimize your blog posts & web pages for search. Conduct keyword research, write for SEO, and more!  Build Out Your Marketing Calendar Map out 12 months of content ideas by identifying the content themes your audience will find valuable, interesting, & engaging.  Increase Social Media Engagement Feeling stuck in a social rut? Inspire new ideas for social media messages including 10 proven tactics to drive engagement & boost your reach.  Optimize Conversion Rates With Facebook Advertising Don’t waste money on ads that don’t work. Learn how to set up & optimize your Facebook ad campaigns, so you can avoid common pitfalls of Facebook Advertising campaigns.  Interested in learning more? Get all of the details on Marketing Basics Bootcamp here (including how to enroll).  Or browse Actionable Marketing Institute’s entire course library - featuring over 20+ courses.  

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