Product Announcements

New Media Preview Includes Alt Text & Improved Viewing

February 4, 2022

A new update to CoSchedule Marketing Calendar brings an all-new media previewer that allows for full-size image viewing and Alt Text.   The new Media Previewer allows users to view content in full size directly from the Calendar view. It also gives users all the information they need directly from the previewer. Never waste time digging around for little details again.  

New Media Previewer Includes Alt Text

Alt-Text is also included in the media viewer update. This feature is primarily for visually impaired individuals accessing content within CoSchedule Marketing Calendar as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. By implementing Alt Text, screen readers will be able to assist people with image recognition. Alt Text also allows users to boost their SEO rankings. When Alt Text is used, browsers can more easily scan through the website, therefore improving SEO rankings. 

Available in: Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite