Easily Adjust Project Status, Settings, & Close Projects
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Project Settings Moved: Easily Adjust Project Status, Settings, & Close Projects

November 7, 2019

Your Project Settings have moved! 

Now you can easily find & update all of your project settings from the project header. 

The following project settings have moved: 

  • Project Statuschange your project status as your project moves through your team’s production cycle. 
  • Share – create read-only links to share your project with your team, stakeholders, clients, and vendors. 
  • Favoriteadd this project to your “Favorites” to quick-access it from your home page & notifications bell throughout the app. 
  • Duplicateduplicate this project to add an identical copy of this project on your Marketing Calendar. 
  • Add To Campaignassign this project to an existing campaign on your Marketing Calendar. 
  • Manage Assetsvisit your Asset Organizer (if available in your plan). 
  • Deletedelete this project from CoSchedule.
  • X [Close]quickly close this project to return to your previous view.

Visit your Marketing Calendar to check it out!